Android Apps Are Coming to Windows 11

Apps like TikTok should be supported later this year

Microsoft says Android applications will be available on Windows 11; not at launch, but later this year.

During its official Windows 11 announcement on Thursday, Microsoft revealed that support for Android applications would be coming to the operating system later in 2021. Users will be able to discover and download Android apps using the Microsoft Store, and the capability is being made possible by partnerships with Amazon and Intel.

Android apps store on Windows 11


Microsoft revealed that Android apps on Windows 11 will function using Intel Bridge Technology, which is designed to bring support for more applications and experiences on Windows. The new tech will work using the latest Intel processors and will play a large role in how Microsoft wants to expand the offerings on the Microsoft Store.

One of the apps shown off during the demonstration was TikTok, which has become one of the most popular social media video apps available throughout the world. According to Microsoft, with Windows 11, users could scroll TikTok, watch videos, and even make videos to share with their follows—all without needing to unlock their phone.

It is unclear exactly how many apps will support Intel Bridge Technology, allowing for them to be used on Windows 11, or if it will be a universal tech that can pull and push apps to fit the layout as needed.

For now, though, Microsoft hasn’t given a definitive release date, simply stating that it will arrive sometime later this year—probably around the same time the stable version of Windows 11 launches.

Other important news announced by the company on Thursday includes Teams integration directly in Windows 11, as well as a heavy focus on tablet-friendly features.

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