Android Announces New Features for the Summer

Earthquake alerts, end-to-end encryption, starred messages, and more

Ahead of the Android 12 release this fall, Google just announced brand new features Android users can expect to see this summer. 

Google explained the six new mobile features and an Android Auto update in a blog post published on Tuesday. The updates include an earthquake alert system that warns users seconds before an earthquake hits, the ability to star important messages so you can find them easily later on, contextual Emoji Kitchen suggestions for the perfect emoji combination, and the ability to access your apps using the Google voice assistant. 

Android updates


Google also is adding end-to-end encryption in messages. Encryption is only available in one-on-one conversations between two Messages users when chat features are enabled. 

Another important update to note is gaze detection in Voice Access, so people with motor disabilities can naturally move between talking to friends and using their phones. Voice Access also is getting improved password input, allowing users to speak the correct letters, numbers, and symbols when a password field is detected.

In addition, Android Auto is getting an update that lets users with devices running Android 6.0 and above better customize their experience on the road. You can personalize your launcher screen, set up dark mode directly from your phone, and browse content easier with the new tabs and scroll bar. 

New app experiences also have been added to Android Auto, including EV charging, parking, and navigation. WhatsApp and Messages also now have Android Auto support. 

More features and updates are headed to Android devices this fall in the highly anticipated Android 12 updates. Some of these will include new themes and color schemes, better power efficiency, a new Privacy Dashboard, a unified API, and more. 

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