Android 12 Operating System Coming to (Go Edition) Smartphones

The update rolls out in 2022

Android 12, the latest release of the mobile operating system, is coming to Android (Go edition) smartphones in 2022.

Google made the announcement on The Keyword, where the company lays out in detail what Android Go users can expect with the new OS, including more efficient battery usage and other quality-of-life changes that will make these entry-level phones even more accessible.

Android 12 Go edition


Android (Go edition) smartphones are affordable, entry-level devices that are light in power. These devices are designed and optimized for low-end hardware with 2GB RAM or less. Android 12 (Go edition) is specifically optimized for those low-end phones.

Android 12 (Go edition) also promises quick app launches—up to 30 percent faster—and smoother animation, according to Google. The company also promised to extend battery life since Android 12 (Go edition) will automatically hibernate apps that haven’t been used for a while to save on battery.

Android Go devices are typically limited in storage capacity, too. Google has remedied this with an update to the Files Go app that will allow you to recover deleted files within 30 days. That way, you can delete files and free up space without fear of losing anything.

Unused apps Android 12 Go edition


A new privacy dashboard is also being added to allow you to control which apps can have access to sensitive data, microphone, and camera. Android 12 will allow you to set an approximate location instead of a precise one for added privacy.

As of now, Google hasn't provided an exact date for when the Android 12 update will roll out; the company only provided a general time frame of "next year." Google also did not provide information on which specific devices—there are 1600 (Go edition) models—will get the update.

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