Android 12 Game Dashboard Gets Play Games Integration

The latest update introduces a new Widget

The latest Google Play Games update brings full integration with Android 12’s game dashboard.

Earlier this year, Google previewed a new Game Dashboard for Android 12 that would allow users to record, monitor frames-per-second in a game, and activate Do Not Disturb mode while gaming. Now, you can finally get your first look at how the dashboard integrates with your Play Games account.

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According to 9To5Google, you’ll need to be running Android 12 Beta 4 or later, but once downloaded, updating to Play Games v2021.07.28550 should allow you to make use of the newest widget.

The widget appears next to the YouTube Live widget that allows you to easily stream your games directly to YouTube. XDA Developers, which originally noticed the changes with the update, did note that not every game appears to support the Play Games integration just yet.

However, games that do support the new widget will allow you to see achievements and leaderboards, as well as access your profile and privacy settings pages directly from the dashboard. This makes it an easy way to keep track of your Play Games account without having to launch the full app.

XDA Developers...did note that not every game appears to support the Play Games integration just yet.

The Game Dashboard is set to fully release with Android 12 later this fall, though Google has said that it only will be available on certain devices running the latest OS.

It’s unclear if Google plans to expand the devices that the Game Dashboard is available on, or if it will stay limited to those devices in the future. For now, though, you can at least get a glimpse of how the Play Games app integrates directly into the dashboard. 

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