Android 12 Beta 2 Will Have the Privacy Dashboard

A first look at Google's new privacy monitoring solution

You can get your first look at Android’s new privacy dashboard with Android 12 beta 2.

Android 12 beta 1 is currently available, but it lacks many of the major changes Google introduced during Google I/O. However, the company recently announced that one of the most anticipated features of the update, the Privacy Dashboard, will be available in Android 12 beta 2. The next version of the beta is expected to arrive next month, according to 9To5Google.

Overview of new Privacy Dashboard in Android 12


The Privacy Dashboard is one of the biggest changes that Google is implementing in Android 12, and it will allow Android users to keep track of the data that applications have accessed over the past 24 hours. Monitored data includes location, microphone, and camera access.

Google says that it added the feature in response to many users wanting a deeper look at what data apps are accessing. The dashboard also will allow developers to share more context about how their applications use the permissions that you grant them, which could help build trust between developers and users.

Additionally, Android 12 beta 2 will bring the new microphone and camera indicators that Google showed off during Google I/O. Similar to those seen in iOS, the new indicators will appear in the top right corner of the notification bar, allowing you to track when apps are accessing those crucial systems. 

Google also revealed that new toggles will be added to the Quick Settings area, allowing you to completely disable the camera and microphone sensors to keep apps from accessing them. The company says you will need to re-enable them for apps that require it—like voice recorders or the camera app—but it should give users more control over how their phone’s systems are accessed.

New Camera and Mic access toggles in Android 12 Quick Settings


Finally, the last big privacy feature coming in Android 12 beta 2 is the clipboard read notification. This will alert you anytime an app pulls data from your clipboard. This is another feature that iOS already has implemented and helps ensure apps aren’t grabbing sensitive data from your clipboard without you knowing it.

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