"AND 1 Streetball" Cheats and Unlocks for the PlayStation 2

Unlock characters and moves, disable game limits, and more

AND1 Streetball (PS2)

"AND 1 Streetball" is the video game version of ESPN's "Street Ball" series that allows players to create their own basketball player, enter the AND 1 Mix Tape Tour, and vie for a contract with the AND 1 team.


Enter cheats for "AND 1 Streetball" using the "Cheat" menu located under the "Options" menu.

EffectCheat Code
Unlock all bonusesTriangle, Triangle, X, X, Square, O, Square, O
Unlock all courtsO, X, X, Square, X, Triangle, O, X
Unlock all charactersTriangle, Square, Square, O, Triangle, Square, X, X
Unlock all I-Ball movesX, Triangle, Triangle, X, Square, O, X, Square
Unlock all side gamesO, Square, Triangle, X, X, O, O, Square
Unlock all breakdownsX, X, O, Square, Square, Triangle, O, Triangle
Unlock all clothingX, Triangle, O, X, Square, Triangle, Triangle, O
Unlock all moviesSquare, X, Square, Triangle, O, Square, X, X
Unlock all messagesTriangle, Square, O, Square, Triangle, X, Square, Triangle
Play as FlashTriangle, X, X, O, X, Triangle, Triangle, Square
Play as DJ Green LanternO, O, Triangle, X, Square, X, Triangle, O
Play as ShaneSquare, X, Triangle, X, Triangle, O, Triangle, X
Play as Skip to My LouO, X, O, Square, Triangle, X, O, Square
Get $1,000,000O, Triangle, Square, Square, Triangle, O, X, O
Enable perfect field goalsSquare, X, O, Square, X, O, Triangle, Triangle
Always on fireSquare, Triangle, X, Triangle, Square, X, Square, O
Disable I-Ball timing limitTriangle, Square, O, O, Square, Square, O, Triangle
Air Up ThereX, Triangle, Triangle, O, Triangle, X, Square, O
The OG WayTriangle, O, Square, Square, O, Triangle, X, Square
Shot release textTriangle, Square, Circle, Circle, Square, Square, Circle, Triangle