Analogue’s Pocket Handheld to Ship in December

You'll be able to play games on the Pocket next month

Following multiple delays, Analogue has finally revealed a release date for its Pocket handheld gaming system.

The Pocket was initially revealed in 2019 and set to release sometime in 2020. Following the pandemic, however, the company decided to delay the release. It then delayed it twice more. Now, Analogue has revealed an official shipping date for the handheld console. According to an email sent to people who preordered it, Analogue will start shipping the Pocket on December 13.

Analogue's Pocket handheld gaming system


“Due to unprecedented shipping congestion, your order will ship and be delivered between December 14th – December 30th,” the email reads. 

The Analogue email also included details for those who might need to delay the shipping of their device. If you’re away during the holiday season, you can email Analogue support to place a hold on your Pocket’s shipping.

The company says it will begin shipping orders with hold requests on January 3. Analogue will let you make any changes to your delivery up until November 28; this includes any address changes you may need to apply.

Analogue's Pocket handheld gaming system


The Pocket is a handheld gaming console that Analogue says will play games from the Game Boy, Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket Color, and Atari Lynx. It looks very similar to Nintendo’s older Game Boy consoles and retails for $199.

The Pocket can also connect to your TV or monitor using the optional Analogue Dock. While it supports Game Boy games by default, you’ll need to purchase optional adapters if you want to play Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket, or Atari Lynx titles.

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