AML Registry Cleaner v4.25

A Full Review of AML Registry Cleaner, a Free Registry Cleaner

AML Registry Cleaner is a free registry cleaner for Windows. It also includes the ability to backup and restore the Windows Registry, open errors in Registry Editor, and search through the registry.

There are also additional tools included in AML Registry Cleaner, such as a software uninstaller and a disk cleaner.

This review is of AML Free Registry Cleaner version 4.25. Please let me know if there's a newer version I need to review.

More About AML Registry Cleaner

AML Registry Cleaner v4.25 in Windows 7
  • 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP are supported, as well as Windows Server 2003
  • I used AML Registry Cleaner in Windows 10 as well, and it worked as advertised
  • Entire locations of the registry can be omitted from a scan by entering text into the Exclude locations window
  • A list of excluded locations are already pre-populated in AML Registry Cleaner but can be removed or edited at any time
  • It's easy to exclude scanning references to optical and network drives with just one click in the settings
  • Any error can be opened in Registry Editor to see where it's actually located in the registry
  • Also included in AML Registry Cleaner is a registry search tool, disk cleaner, startup manager, software uninstaller, and process manager

AML Registry Cleaner Pros & Cons

This is a nice registry cleaner but it certainly has some downfalls:


  • Interface is easy to work with
  • Option to exclude registry items from a scan
  • Can backup and restore the registry in the form of REG files
  • Includes other useful tools


  • Scans are a little slower than other registry cleaners
  • Registry backups aren't created automatically
  • Includes other unrelated tools

My Thoughts on AML Registry Cleaner

One major thing I don't like about AML Registry Cleaner is that you aren't prompted to back up the registry before cleaning the errors. There's certainly an easy to access Backup/Restore button on the side of the program but you must manually click it to create a backup, which may unfortunately be missed before you correct any errors.

Other than the above, I think this is a nice registry cleaner. It finds around the same number of errors as similar programs and includes other tools like a disk cleaner to erase temporary Internet and system files, which is also nice.

Another useful tool is Registry Search, which lets you search through the registry to find specific keys and values in any of the registry hives without having to open Registry Editor.