Amazingly Built American Cities In Minecraft

Let's check out these awesome builds of real life cities in Minecraft!

Minecraft has always inspired many people to create insanely enormous projects that to the common person may seem way too much to handle. When these projects are taken seriously and are committed to by their creators, the outcome will be more than likely better than expected. In this article we will be checking out a few of the amazingly created American cities in Minecraft. These various builds have a large attention to detail and are worth making this list.

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Indianapolis, Indiana

Eric Morrow

On October 28th, 2015, YouTuber Eric Morrow uploaded a video showcasing his work in progress build of Indianapolis, Indiana in Minecraft (built on the Xbox One Edition of the game). A day after uploading the video to YouTube, Eric Morrow was featured on more than three news related websites based in Indianapolis, showcasing his work because of how closely it resembled the city. As a resident of Indiana and somebody who frequently heads to Indianapolis, I can very wholeheartedly say that his build resembles Indianapolis very well.

In Eric Morrow’s video, he showcases many various landmarks in Indianapolis, including the Lucas Oil Stadium, Monument Circle, Chase Bank Tower and more. In an interview with 24-Hour News 8 Eric Morrow stated that the build took him and his friend eight months to build. The build in relation to the city is on a 3/5 scale. While the video uploaded is a major work in progress, it shows Indianapolis off in a very promising way to those who have never been before.

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Midtown Manhattan, New York


Everybody loves New York, right? Even the people that don’t love New York love New York! Planet Minecraft’s BasVerhagen loves New York so much that he has built a very busy and beautiful rendition of the city. BasVerhagen has incorporated many famous buildings, attractions, and much more into his build. Many of these various sights include Time Square, Radio City Music Hall, the Chrysler Building, Tower 49 and about anything else you can think of.

On his post for the Midtown Manhattan project, BasVerhagen has noted that there are currently 17 subway stations, 1 train station, 22 furnished theatres, 6 furnished churches, 2 public parks, 1 furnished library and 5 fully furnished skyscrapers. In the same post, BasVerhagen stated “Why am I building this? Because I really LOVE New York and because I’m inspired by other NY projects on Planet Minecraft!”. Very impressive build, BasVerhagen.

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Chicago, Illinois

Reddit user Lukep323 created his amazing rendition of Chicago, Illinois in his Minecraft world. After visiting Chicago and falling in love with the city, Lukep323 created a 1:4 scale model of the city. On the /r/Chicago subreddit, he received 1,702 upvotes on his post and was praised by many of the Chicago residents who frequented the subreddit. On top of getting praise on Reddit, wrote about the creation in the Chicago section of their website, talking about how well done his build was.

After flying around his build on Minecraft, I can definitely agree that his build is amazingly well put together. Lukep323 definitely put his all into making sure this creation was perfect in almost every possible way imaginable.

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In Conclusion


Creating a project as massive as rebuilding cities can only be thought of as insane and inspiring. These builders have shown that they enjoy doing what they do and are not afraid to get too crazy with what they’re making. With enough time, planning, and strength to continue placing blocks until it’s perfect, these people have literally paved the roads of creativity in Minecraft.

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