AMD Previews Next Gen CPUs and Motherboards

No definitive launch date or price point given

During its Computex 2022 event, AMD revealed its upcoming Ryzen 7000 processors, new 600 series motherboards, and teased new CPUs for its mobile platform.

The Ryzen 7000 CPUs will be running on a five nanometer Zen 4 core that will increase clock speeds and offer a 15 percent performance boost when compared to the previous generation. Alongside those are the new 600 series motherboards, which are a part of the new AMD Socket AM5 platform and have varying degrees of performance.



For starters, AMD demonstrated a pre-production Ryzen CPU running at a 5.5 GHz clock speed while playing Ghostwire: Tokyo. AMD claims its new CPU can run 31 percent faster than an Intel Core i9 12900K chip while under a heavy rending workload.

For the motherboards, there are three models: the B650, X670, and the X670 Extreme. They all have a 1718-pin LGA design that can support dual-channel DDR5 memory and up to 24 PCIe 5.0 lanes. The X670 Extreme is slated to be the best performing motherboard, with two slots for graphics cards and one for storage. The X670 only has one graphics card slot, while the B650 has one for storage.

Very little was revealed about the mobile Ryzen CPUs. AMD states this line will be built on Zen 2 cores and RDNA 2 architecture and is designed to have long battery life. The line is set to release in Q4 2022.

Gaming on PCs

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AMD expects the mobile Ryzen CPUs to be priced between $399 and $699 but didn't provide price points on the other hardware or a launch date. If you're curious to see the Ryzen 7000 demo, AMD's keynote is up on YouTube.

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