AMD and Microsoft Release Updates to Fix Windows 11 Slowdown Issues

Two fixes to make the Ryzen CPU behave better

After a bit of a rough start, thanks to performance issues, Windows 11 and AMD processors should start behaving around each other now.

Earlier this month, AMD and Microsoft announced plans to fix the slowdown cropping up between some AMD processors and Windows 11. Now, as promised, we have a couple of new patches that should take care of the problem.

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A recent update on AMD's initial report of the problem now shows resolutions for both primary causes of these performance drops.

The L3 cache latency issue, which would cause the cache to take up to three times longer to access, is being addressed by a new Windows 11 22000.282 build. And the "preferred core" problem, which mistakenly would hand some tasks off to a slower processor core, is being handled by AMD's driver package.

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This roughly 5% to 15% reduction in processor speed seems to primarily affect certain applications and some games. AMD hasn't mentioned any of them by name, however. So even with the right (wrong?) set up, it's possible you may never have experienced any of these issues.

If your PC is running Windows 11 and uses one of the affected AMD processors, you can download and install these patches now.

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