Amazon’s Halo Rise Can Improve Your Sleep With No Input From You

Zero contact required to start tracking

Amazon's new Halo Rise will monitor how you sleep based on your breathing, without the need for any kind of wearable device.

The Halo Rise is, on a basic level, another sleep aid device you can use to monitor your rest—but Amazon believes it offers something more. Unlike the kind of sleep monitoring found on smartwatches, Halo Rise is able to track your patterns with zero physical contact by following your breathing and movements.

Halo Rise next to smartphone


A combination of "low energy" sensors and a sleep algorithm will start monitoring your sleep as soon as you get into bed. Then in the morning (or at the end of your sleep cycle), it will determine the best point at which to wake you up using a gentle "wake-up light." And once you're awake, it will send you a detailed report (complete with a visual graph) summarizing your various sleep cycles and even the environment in the room around you.

Expectations are that Halo Rise will determine possible environmental factors and how they may change throughout the night, then cross-reference that information with your sleep data. Ultimately working along with the Amazon Halo app to provide recommendations (which Amazon says are backed by science) that will help to optimize your sleeping.

As you might expect with an Amazon device, you can pair the Halo Rise with Alexa to ask how you've slept and verbally adjust options like setting a wake-up song. Additionally, Amazon will offer a Halo membership service that includes access to a large catalog of sleep resources from the Mayo Clinic and more, along with dietary well-being info and healthy recipes. And it can utilize your smartphone's camera to make exercise recommendations to help with mobility and general fitness.

Halo Rise will start shipping later this year with an MSRP of $139.99, which also includes a six-month Halo membership. Unfortunately, you can't pre-order one for yourself just yet, but you can sign up for notifications through Amazon soon.

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