Amazon's First Clothing Store Is Coming to Los Angeles

It's a high-tech shopping experience

Amazon is opening Amazon Style, its first-ever physical clothing store, where customers can shop for the latest fashion with some high-tech help.

According to Amazon, the store will have hundreds of brands under its roof that you can interact with via the Amazon Shopping app, QR codes, and touchscreens throughout the building. Personalization is a key feature at the store as customers will receive a shopping experience tailored to them.

Amazon Style store


Upon entering the store, customers will see QR codes next to clothing racks. You scan those codes with the Amazon Shopping App to display product information and customer ratings. From there, you select which clothes to send to a fitting room. The app notifies you when the fitting room is ready.

From this interaction, the Shopping app’s algorithm learns what you like and sends real-time recommendations as you shop. While in the fitting rooms, customers can request more clothes via the touchscreen.

You can buy the clothes you tried on that same day while in the store or save them to the Shopping app to buy later and have the items delivered to you. Amazon Style will not be totally automated, however. Employees will still provide customer service and other store operations.

The store will support Amazon One technology, which allows people to pay with the palm of their hand. You can also order clothes online to be delivered to the store, but you still have to pay in the store when you pick them up. This works differently than Amazon Fresh, where you pay online and pick up in the store.

Amazon Style will first open at The Americana at Brand in Los Angeles later this year, but no exact date has been given. There has also been no mention of if or when other locations will open.

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