Amazon’s New Fire Max 11 Tablet Promises Better Everything

Nicer screen, improved performance, and longer battery life

Amazon unveils its new Fire Max 11 tablet, promising improvements over previous models across the board.

The announcement of the new Fire Max 11 puts us at 11 iterations of Amazon's Fire Tablet so far, with the company stating that this latest model is essentially the best it's ever been. A claim that, on paper, translates to a larger display, stronger performance, and a longer-lasting battery when compared to its predecessors.

Watching a movie on the Fire Max 11


While the Fire Max 11 is available in both 64 GB and 128 GB models, the remaining specs between the two are the same. So you can expect an 11-inch 2000 x 1200 low blue light (better for your eyes at night) screen, 4 GB of RAM, and a 2.2 GHz octa-core processor. All providing what Amazon promises is a 50-percent performance boost in streaming, gaming, and app switching over older Fire tablets.

Dolby Atmos is also supported, so you can enjoy simulated surround sound while you watch (compatible) movies and shows.

Fire Max 11 has also upgraded the cameras from the 5 MP model found in the Fire HD 10 to newer 8 MP cameras for the front and rear. The cameras also support up to 1080p HD video (over the older model's 720p) for recordings, video calls, and so on.

Front and back of the Fire Max 11 tablet


It also claims the longest-running battery life of the Fire tablet lineup, boasting up to 14 hours of usage time—roughly two hours more than the Fire HD 10's 12-hour limit. And it offers fingerprint recognition for unlocking via the power button, which Amazon points out is a first for the Fire tablet line.

Pre-orders for the Fire Max 11 are open today, priced at $229.99 for 64 GB (with lockscreen ads, $244.99 without) and $279.99 for 128 GB (no lockscreen ads). All models are expected to begin shipping on Wednesday, June 14.

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