Amazon's Entry-Level Kindle Gets a Pleasing Refresh With Major Stat Boosts

Double the storage, a better display, a larger battery, and more

It has been a few years since Amazon upgraded its entry-level Kindle e-reader, but they just announced a major refresh and the wait looks to have been worth it.

The next-generation Kindle e-reader is filled with tons of improvements over its predecessor, including twice the storage capacity, from 8GB to 16GB. That may not sound like a lot, but books are small, so this increase allows for thousands more. 

Amazon Kindle


The 6-inch display is also significantly improved, with a 300 ppi resolution (up from 167 ppi.) This brings the resolution in-line with its more-expensive cousin, the Amazon Paperwhite. Amazon says this gives the new Kindle "laser-quality" text and graphics. 

No aspect of the new Kindle remains untouched by Amazon’s team of engineers. The battery is larger and more efficient, allowing for six weeks of juice on a single charge. There's now a USB-C port for faster charging and the update includes a front-adjustable light for night-reading. And if you buy this refresh you also get a four-month trial to Kindle Unlimited.

Kindle Kids


Amazon is also launching an updated Kindle Kids version, which boasts all of the same specs, a snazzy and colorful cover, and a two-year subscription to Amazon Kids+, which includes access to thousands of kid-friendly books. 

Pre-orders for both models start today and will ship on October 12. The standard Kindle costs $100 and the new Kindle Kids edition costs $120 (likely to account for that lengthy subscription).

9/14 Correction: Updated the standard Kindle link in the final paragraph to point to the correct page.

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