Amazon’s Drone Delivery Service Expands to Texas

Texas A&M University is getting Prime Air

Just a few weeks ago, Amazon announced the first city to be serviced by Prime Air drone deliveries in California, and now another city is readying its umbrellas for falling packages.

The next lucky winner in the "robots flying through the sky to bring kitchen utensils" lottery is College Station, Texas. That's right, Prime Air is coming to Texas A&M University and the surrounding areas.

Amazon Prime Air


Amazon hasn't announced a timetable for the launch, other than saying that drone deliveries will be available in College Station later in the year.

"We look forward to partnering with Amazon and Texas A&M and are confident that Amazon will be a productive, conscientious, and accountable participant in our community," said College Station Mayor Karl Mooney.

The US Census Bureau denotes the population of College Station was around 120,000 as of last July, making it a decently-sized city for Amazon to choose as one of the initial testing grounds for Prime Air.

Amazon's drone delivery service plans to drop packages off in customers' backyards. The company says thousands of products are available for this method of transport, though there is no list of eligible items. The company has, however, said there's a package weight limit of around five pounds, so don't expect a TV to land softly in a backyard anytime soon.

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