Amazon Working on Large Echo, Home Robot, and Sound Bar

These devices and more will be shown off at Amazon's September 28 event

Amazon reportedly is working on several new products and services, including a much larger Echo that can be wall-mounted.

The company will hold a launch event on September 28 for these and other upcoming products, according to Bloomberg.

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The new Echo reportedly has a 15-inch display that can mount on a wall or simply be placed atop a table. The large smart speaker is for smart home control to let users activate appliances, lights, and locks throughout the house.

It may also have a graphical interface with widgets that show the weather, appointments on a calendar, and photographs.

In addition to the new Echo, Amazon is said to be unveiling its new sound bar, new automotive technology, upcoming microchips, and even a home robot at the event.

Codenamed Vesta, the home robot reportedly will use the Alexa interface to interact with people. It has been in the works for a few years now with prototypes recently tested at employee homes. One prototype (with a 10-inch screen) could follow people and remind them of future calendar events.

In addition, Amazon apparently has been working on a new soundbar that lets users take video calls from their TV. The company recently announced it will launch its own line of TVs in October.

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As for automobiles, the company is working on the second generation of Echo Auto, which could bring a new design and possibly charging via inductive technology.

Amazon also reportedly is creating new dedicated processors to improve artificial intelligence alongside new tech to help Alexa and other devices function better together.

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