Amazon Web Services Outage Hits Doordash, Twitch, and More

Other sites may be affected, too

An Amazon Web Services (AWS) outage appears to be affecting multiple websites, including Twitch and Doordash.

Reports of the outage began to appear on Downdetector early this morning, as well as on social media. Much of the internet runs off of Amazon’s servers, which means an AWS outage has the potential to affect millions of websites. 

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We’ve already seen reports from Twitch and Doordash that users are having connection issues with the websites and apps. Downdetector has also shown a spike in issues for other apps like Clash Royale and PlayStation Network. There have also been some reports of problems launching Amazon and other websites.

If you’re experiencing issues with one of your preferred websites, then it’s possibly due to the AWS outage. According to the AWS Service Health Dashboard, the system appears to be having issues specifically with two connection regions. These regions include North California and Oregon. It’s unclear how many sites use those specific regions to host their services. As such, it’s impossible to say which sites running AWS will be affected by the outage.

Downdetector graph results for AWS


The good news is, Amazon shared on its dashboard that it had identified the root cause of the internet connectivity issues with that region and had begun issuing a fix. At the moment it is unclear how long that fix may take to completely implement.

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