Amazon to Postpone Prime Day Over Coronavirus Concerns

Demand for Prime Video is spiking, though

Moving Prime Day is yet another sign that our lives have been upended by the coronavirus, both in terms of available jobs and changes to our routine retail experiences.

Amazon boxed piled up in a distribution center
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Amazon is looking to postpone its annual summertime retail extravaganza, Prime Day, until at least August, according to a report at Reuters.

What happened: The company is also looking at a $100 - $300 million shortfall due to unsold devices it will need to discount due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has Amazon prioritizing emergency and medical supplies over regular retail items.

Amazon's cloud business is at risk, according to the report, but its Prime Video service is looking good, with a potential extra $100 million coming in for streaming video.

The big picture: Amazon isn't only a retailer, but a massive employer, with protests and worker strikes for better safety equipment and work practices happening around the globe. Prime Day's delay not only affects Amazon itself, says Reuters, but also many third-party merchants who have relied on the promotional power of the event every year.

Bottom line: Having to wait a month or two to get Amazon Echo speakers at crazy discounts may not seem like that big of a deal, but for the people who work for Amazon, these sorts of retail shortfalls could translate into very real layoffs or loss of hours as the company adjusts to cover its losses. Here's hoping things won't become too difficult for the people we all rely on to get us our orders in a timely manner.

Via: The Street

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