Amazon Teases Charming Kindle for Writing With Pen That Never Needs Charging

Don’t worry, it’s also for reading

Amazon has just announced a major refresh for its Kindle line of e-readers, and this one doubles as a tablet for writing and drawing. 

The Kindle Scribe takes definitive aim at "paper tablets" like the ReMarkable 2, and it is the first dedicated Kindle for both reading and writing. To that end, it ships with a magnetic stylus that never needs charging or syncing to make notes, jot annotations as you read, or even just idle the day away drawing pictures and doodles. Consumers can choose between the basic pen and a premium stylus that includes a customizable shortcut button and an eraser on top. 

Kindle Scribe


The Scribe will also integrate with Microsoft Word, as Word users can send documents to the device with a single click for further inspection and annotations. This functionality is set to arrive in early 2023.

As for the e-reader, well, this is a Kindle so you basically know what to expect. The device includes a 10.2-inch, 300ppi Paperwhite display, and adjustable front light. You will also have your choice of several storage options to hold your hundreds (or thousands) of favorite books. 

This is the first major refresh of the Kindle line since the Oasis several years back. In other words, this is the new flagship product, with a price to match. Amazon’s Scribe starts at $340 for the lowest storage option and the basic stylus. It ships later this year, and buyers also get a four-month trial subscription to Kindle Unlimited.

Correction 9/28/2022: The third paragraph has been updated with the date the Microsoft Word Send-to-Kindle functionality will arrive.

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