Does Amazon Smart Plug Work With Google Home? No, but It Works With These Devices

Amazon Smart Plugs work exclusively with Alexa

In a word, no. Amazon Smart Plugs exclusively work with Alexa—Amazon's own voice assistant—which means it's not compatible with Google Home, Samsung's SmartThings, Apple's Siri, or any other voice assistant. 

Does Amazon Smart Plug Work With Google Home?

Since the Amazon Smart Plug only works with Alexa devices, you have to commit to using Amazon Alexa rather than any other alternative currently available.

What Devices Does Amazon Smart Plug Work With?

The advantage to Amazon Smart Plugs is they work with any device that needs to be plugged into an electrical socket for power. The whole point of the Amazon Smart Plug is it can make a 'dumb' device smart, so the only fundamental limitation is you'll need to be sure that your Wi-Fi connection extends to these devices. Other than that, you can even use any powered devices and make them smarter, right down to an aging lamp which you can't bear to part.

Amazon Smart Plugs are only safe to use indoors, so don't use them for outdoor appliances or lighting equipment.

How Do I Use Amazon Smart Plug With Google Home?

It's not possible to use your Amazon Smart Plug with Google Home. The Amazon Smart Plug only responds to Alexa and doesn't support other smart home assistants. There's no way of making it work, even through third-party methods. While you don't need any devices with Alexa support, you do need to have the Alexa app installed on your phone to use the Amazon Smart Plug by speaking to it.

Which Smart Plugs Work With Google?

Google Home and Google Assistant are far more compatible with other smart plugs than the Amazon Smart Plug. Many different brands work with Google, including TP-Link, Gosund, Teckin, and many others. Many of these are also compatible with Amazon Alexa if you choose to use two different voice assistants within your home, giving you extra flexibility over buying an Amazon Smart Plug. 

It's also easier to find smart plugs that work outdoors if you're willing to use the Google voice assistant instead of Alexa. 

  • How do I set up an Amazon Smart Plug with Alexa?

    For best results, double-check that you've enabled Bluetooth and location services for the Alexa app on your smartphone. Plug in the device, open the Alexa app, and select Devices > Plus symbol (+) > Add Device > Plug. Once you locate the plug, the app will guide you through the pairing and setup steps. Once it's configured, you can add it to a smart home group in the Alexa app

  • How do I set up a smart plug with Google Home?

    Follow the manufacturer's instructions for activating your smart plug model and getting it on your Wi-Fi network. Open the Google Home app on your smartphone and select the Plus sign (+) from the upper-left part of the screen. Next, tap Set up device > Works with Google > choose the product from the list > and follow the in-app instructions for assigning it to a home and room. You can then add it to new or existing Google Home routines.

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