Amazon Prime Video Launches Watch Party

Get ready to watch Mrs. Maisel with your 100 closest friends

Bingeing is fine, but it gets a little lonely. Watching in virtual groups is another way we can be together and experience something as a group while staying safely apart.

Amazon Prime Video – Your Video Library Call-out

Amazon Prime Video is joining the watch party with its own Watch Party.

Roll the credits first: Watch Party in Amazon Prime Video is available now on the desktop version of the video streaming service. It supports watch groups of up to 100 people, provided they are Amazon Prime members. If that sounds familiar, it's because Netflix has its own, quite similar Netflix Party group viewing platform.

Cutting room floor: There are limits. The new service is, as noted, for Prime Members only (the service costs $119 a year and includes 2-day shipping, and Prime Video). It's only for U.S. users. Watch Party is for desktop web browsers only (not including Safari), and does not work on smartphones or streaming devices, not even Amazon's own Fire TV.

Amazon Prime Video Watch Party
Where to find Watch Party.  Amazon

The vault: Watch Party includes virtually anything you can watch by yourself on the video streaming service (all "Included with Prime" titles and "Prime Originals"), with the exception of content you can rent or buy.

Please hit "Play": Amazon Prime Video Watch Parties are easy to launch. You:

  • Log into Amazon Prime.
  • Visit Prime Video in your Amazon account.
  • Choose a movie or show.
  • Look for the Watch Party graphic.
  • Enter a name (yes, you can use any name you like) to show as the Watch Party's host.
  • Invite other Prime members by sharing a link.

All but the popcorn: Everyone watches on their own screens and chats together in a column on the right but only the host can control play, pause, and skip.

Bottom line: Eventually, we'll all be back to gathering in social groups, but these new ways of enjoying digital content collectively, even while apart, are unlikely to disappear any time soon.

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