Amazon Pauses Non-Essential Product Shipments into Fulfillment Centers

Amazon is suspending the intake of products to prioritize essentials

Why This Matters:

If you’ve been shopping Amazon for food, toilet paper, baby, and healthcare supplies and finding them out of stock, Amazon just cleared the decks in its warehouses for them. The next time you shop for these critical items, they may be in stock.

Amazon Fulfillment Center
Amazon Fulfillment Center.  Getty Images

As millions of Americans are forced to stay home to help stem the spread of the Coronavirus, the number of consumers buying essential items on Amazon has ramped up significantly. Household staples and medical supplies are now regularly out of stock. The company announced on Tuesday that, to make room for increased stocks of these essential items, Amazon will temporarily disable shipments of non-essential items into its fulfillment centers in both the U.S. and the European Union.

They’re doing it for you. Even with one- and two-day shipments, Amazon can only ship what it has in stock. The more time and space its warehouses and fulfillment centers spend on non-essential items, the less room and manpower it has for the essentials.

So how does Amazon normally do this? In normal, non-Coronavirus times, Amazon receives all sorts of products from retail partners for shipment out to consumers.

These products are good to go. The product categories that Amazon is prioritizing includes, according to an Amazon blog post “household staples, medical supplies, and other high-demand products.” Those categories encompass things like baby care products, health, household items, and groceries.

Where’s my stuff? Non-essential products ordered before March 17 will probably shipped as normal. The pause on non-essential incoming shipments, however, will last through April 5.

Bottom line: This change could help more people access products that have disappeared from physical store shelves, including things like diapers, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer. It also might not be the best time to try ordering a pressure cooker on Amazon.

Via: BGR

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