Amazon Music Gets 98 Million More Songs, Plus More Ad-Free Podcasts

Prime Members can stream, but not play on demand

Amazon Music is scooting just a little bit closer to Amazon Music Unlimited with a freshly expanded ad-free music and podcast library.

If you currently use Amazon Music or have been thinking of signing up, you'll have a much bigger assortment of content to listen to. Amazon's music and podcast streaming service is getting a significant library expansion that brings its previous two million songs list up to 100 million, along with more podcasts.

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Prime members can sift through the much larger assortment with several different discovery tools like shuffling by artist, album, or playlist, or they can receive suggestions based on the songs they've already liked. They can also stream what Amazon calls "All-Access playlists" on demand or download them for later. The catch is that the rest of the catalog can only be shuffled; if you want on-demand access to the rest of the songs, you must be a paid Amazon Music Unlimited member.

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Similar rules apply to podcasts, which include (but aren't limited to) what Amazon calls "top podcasts," audio shows from ESPN, NPR, the Wondery catalog, and some new Amazon exclusives. Ad-free for Prime subscribers, naturally. And a planned design update for the Amazon Music app will also include a new Podcast Preview option, so you can listen to a short clip from a show before deciding to dive in.

Both expanded music and podcast libraries are available on Amazon Music today for Amazon Prime members ($14.99 per month, $139 per year). However, if you want your audio in HD or Ultra HD (or the aforementioned on-demand access), you'll need to spring for an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription ($8.99 per month on top of a Prime membership, $9.99 per month without Prime).

Correction 11/1/22: Updated paragraph three and five to more clearly explain on-demand playlist access.

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