Amazon Music Brings Spatial Audio to All Your Headphones

No special equipment necessary

Amazon Music is expanding its spatial audio capabilities to more devices and any pair of headphones. 

The tech giant announced the expansion of spatial audio on Tuesday, saying that Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers can listen to spatial audio tracks without any special equipment—with no upgrade or extra cost. The platform supports both Dolby Atmos spatial audio and Sony’s 360 Reality Audio on Android and iOS apps. 

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“We can’t wait for even more fans around the world to be able to hear the vibrancy and nuance of music in spatial audio with just their favorite headphones, and discover new details in the albums they love for the very first time,” said Steve Boom, vice president of Amazon Music, in the company’s announcement. 

Spatial audio is a 360-degree sound format that can create a surround-sound effect, making it ideal for movies and immersive video games. Amazon said the audio format is also available via Alexa Cast on select devices, including the Echo Studio, and, later this year, on the Sonos Arc and Beam (Gen 2) soundbars. 

Amazon is joining the many platforms that have promoted and prioritized spatial audio in 2021. The audio format gained steamed when Apple announced the feature in May along with lossless audio. Apple’s spatial audio integration put the audio format front and center in the music world, and it’s been one of the top trends this year. 

However, spatial audio is nothing new for Amazon Music, given the platform has had it since 2019. Until now, you could only listen to spatial audio tracks with the Echo Studio or the Sony SRS-RA5000 wireless speaker, but Tuesday’s expansion means you’ll be able to plug in any pair of headphones and have an immersive music experience come through them. 

Amazon also has expanded its catalog of songs mixed in Dolby Atmos and 360 Reality Audio, saying it has grown more than 20 times since the format became available two years ago. 

Other platforms aside from music services are getting in on the trend: Clubhouse, Verizon, and even Netflix all have announced their own versions of spatial audio compatibilities this year.

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