Amazon Launches Subscription-Based Caregiving Service

Introducing Alexa Together

Alexa products have always been a great way to engage with aging loved ones, but Amazon is now taking it several steps further.

On Tuesday, Amazon announced a subscription-based program for caregivers and their loved ones called Alexa Together. The service replaces Care Hub, the company's previous (and free) attempt to achieve a similar goal.

Senior adult speaking to a smart speaker while working on a laptop in a room with another senior adult.

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What does Alexa Together do? It uses Echo devices to keep an eye on folks, offering fall detection services, drop-in video calling, and activity alerts. It will even call the authorities if you think your loved one is hurt or needs help. Also, there's a function called "Remote Assist" that allows loved ones to access Alexa from afar to set reminders, create shopping lists, and more. 

The service works with Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show devices. It is subscription-based, which will run you $20 per month or $199 per year with a free six-month trial. Current Care Hub members get a free year before having to opt-in. 

The fall detection portion of the program does require a third-party device, however, such as the wall-mounted Vayyar Care sensor or the ATS SkyAngelCare pendant, which is worn around the neck. 

A senior adult and a caregiver using a smartphone.

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The caregiver does not need an Alexa device to make changes or issue commands, just a smartphone, and they can even set up their loved one's device remotely, connecting it to Wi-Fi and setting up features. 

Alexa Together is currently available for signups.

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