Amazon Launches Serialized Fiction Store, Kindle Vella

The platform lets authors publish stories in episodes, which readers can unlock

Amazon's new Kindle Vella marketplace lets authors self-publish their stories one episode at a time, which readers can pay to unlock and keep reading.

Each story offers the first three episodes, from 500 to 5,000 words apiece, for free—at which point readers can spend "tokens" to access later episodes. Tokens cost between $2.00 for 200 and $15.00 for 1,700, with individual episode prices determined by word count.

"A new way to tell a story"


The platform is designed to provide a more interactive experience with serialized fiction. Authors can leave author notes at the end of episodes to address readers directly. Readers can use tags to search for their favorite genres, leave a thumbs-up on chapters they enjoy, and share their favorite stories to social media directly from the app. They can also follow a story they like to receive notifications whenever a new chapter is published, and token purchasers can issue one "Fave" per week to help feature specific stories.

Authors earn 50% of the revenue generated from tokens spent on each of their episodes, with added bonuses awarded depending on the engagement. It's also likely that this engagement, and being featured via Faves, will improve a story's visibility and revenue. Amazon claims that Kindle Vella has hosted "thousands" of authors so far, and has published "tens of thousands" of episodes.

Kindle Vella is currently only available in the US through and the Kindle iOS app. As Engadget notes, however, it's not currently available for Kindle e-readers and has not been made available on Android devices.

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