Amazon Launches Its First MMORPG, 'New World'

A major release for the fledging studio

After several years of development and multiple delays, Amazon Games launched its new massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), New World, on Tuesday.

The game is Amazon’s first foray into the MMORPG genre with players shipwrecked in an unknown land where they will have to fend for themselves, according to the studio.

New World Art


Like many other games in this genre, New World takes place in a high fantasy setting with wizards and knights traveling across open spaces. What sets it apart stylistically is an emphasis on pirates and the supernatural.

The developers are pushing the game’s combat as its main selling point, calling it “skill-based and visceral…” New World offers four different multiplayer combat experiences, as well: War, Outpost Rush, Expeditions, and Invasions.

War is a large scale player-versus-player (PVP) mode with up to 100 players; Outpost Rush has two teams of 20 people fighting for control of an area, Expeditions are instanced dungeons against monsters, and Invasion sees gamers defend a fortress against a horde.

New World's open beta earlier this year was met with a positive response and saw a high number of concurrent users. It was, however, bogged down with reports of the game ruining graphics cards with its high specifications. Amazon Games responded by announcing a cap on the frame rate.

New World is available for purchase on Amazon’s website and Steam. The base game is $40 with the Deluxe Edition coming in at $50. The Deluxe Edition gives players a unique armor skin, house pet, emote set, and a digital art book.

Amazon Prime members can also claim a Pirate Pack that has a unique character skin, emote, and $5 worth of in-game currency.

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