Amazon Introduces New Features to Alexa Together Service

Introducing the Circle of Support

Alexa Together is designed to help caregivers communicate with and check on folks under their care, and this process just got a bit easier.

Amazon just revealed two new features for Alexa Together subscribers, which look to ease some of the burden placed on caregivers. 

Alexa Together


First up is something called the Circle of Support. This handy feature widens the caregiving net, allowing up to ten people to share duties. Co-caregivers are now called “circle members” and each person will receive daily health and status alerts on their smartphone or tablet. 

Circle members can include spouses, cousins, friends, or even neighbors. The primary caregiver or the person receiving care can remove people from the circle at any time by accessing the Alexa app. It should be noted that only the primary caregiver can use Remote Assist, which allows remote access to nearly every aspect of the service.

Alexa Together will now allow the primary caregiver to set up a Remote Assist routine for their loved one. In other words, caregivers can organize and design a whole day’s worth of activity, with each action such as turning on the lights or presenting a grocery list occurring seamlessly. 

These features are already available for current Alexa Together subscribers and Amazon is now running a free six-month trial to get the word out. After that, it costs $20 per month.

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