Amazon Introduces Astro, a New Robot Assistant

About the size of a small dog, it can help around the house

During its livestream even today, Amazon announced Astro, a new household robot assistant that's about the size of a small dog.

According to Amazon's announcement, Astro integrates the company’s Alexa AI (artificial intelligence) with advanced hardware and computer vision in a unique way.

Astro at Home 1


Astro uses its capabilities for home monitoring and in-home care. The little robot supports the new Ring Protect Pro subscription plan, allowing Astro to patrol a home while the user is away. With a Protect Pro plan, users can review, share, and save videos and photos captured by Astro.

The robot even will send notifications to a smartphone if it detects something strange, via the official app. Astro also has a periscope that expands its field of view to see over obstacles.

Astro is able to assist users' elderly relatives and loved ones, thanks to the new Alexa Together feature. Owners can use Alexa Together to set schedules and alerts for caregivers, or use Astro to check in on relatives. It also gives 24/7 access to Urgent Response, a professional emergency helpline.

Amazon doesn’t say how big Astro is, but according to CNBC, it’s about the size of a small dog, and Amazon pledges to make Astro even smaller.

Astro will cost $1,449.99 at launch, but for those in the Day 1 Edition program, the robot will have a price tag of $999.99 with a free six-month trial of Ring Protect Pro.

No set release date has been given other than it will start shipping this year, and it will be available in limited quantities.  

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