Amazon Glow Aims to Make It Easier to Connect With Kids

It’s a video chat device with a built-in projector

Amazon has unveiled a new device called Amazon Glow, which aims to make it easier for kids to connect with remote family members in a more interactive way.

On Tuesday, Amazon announced the Amazon Glow, a new video chat device aimed at kids. The new gadget is intended to make it easier for kids to connect with family members outside of the home, and it includes a projector that enables various interactive environments.

Kid using Amazon Glow


Amazon Glow will retail for $299.99 when it becomes available widely, but Amazon plans to launch it at a discounted $249.99 during its introductory phase. Unfortunately, that introduction is by invitation only, and you need to request the invitation from the Amazon Glow page.

It comes with the primary device, which includes an 8-inch display for video chats and the 19-inch projector mat, where most of the activities are projected. 

You’ll also get a case for the mat, as well as access to the Tangram Bits puzzle game and a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+, which comes with access to kid-friendly books, TV shows, movies, and more.

Glow is designed to be safe and secure for kids, too, and comes with a privacy shutter, which, when closed, will instantly disable any cameras and microphones on the device. Parents can also manage everything through the Amazon Glow app, which includes parent-approved contacts, as well as the Amazon Parent Dashboard. 

Woman using tablet to interact with Amazon Glow


Finally, parents can interact with the device itself using a tablet, which will allow them to interact with the same things that the kids are working with. The projector mat is also touch sensitive, allowing kids to interact directly with the images that are projected onto it. 

Amazon has yet to reveal an official release date for Amazon Glow.

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