Amazon Fire Tablet vs. iPad: Which Is Right for You?

A head-to-head comparison of these two powerful tablets

At first glance, the Fire HD tablet and iPad appear pretty similar. Both popular tablet options offer all manner of apps and services, but they excel in different areas. The Fire HD tablet is a dedicated entertainment device, and the iPad is a workhorse that can tackle any task. Compare the two to decide which one is best for you.

Amazon Fire tablet vs iPad


Overall Findings

Fire HD 10
  • 32GB of built-in storage

  • Extra storage with Micro SD cards

  • 10.1” display

  • Starts at $149

  • 64 or 256GB of internal storage

  • Extra storage with iCloud Drive

  • 10.2” display

  • Starts at $329

While the Fire HD and the iPad have some superficial similarities, these two tablets serve different purposes. Both of them are the right choice for different reasons.

The Fire HD tablet bundles all manner of entertainment into one device. Amazon customers will get the most out of this app, but there are apps for most major music and video streaming services. The Fire HD tablet isn’t ideal for work, even with Microsoft apps like Office and Teams.

The iPad is a tool. Multitasking features, a wide selection of apps, and a powerful processor make the iPad a real workhorse. This tablet can go from photo editing to word processing to games like Civilization 6 without a hiccup, but it’s a bit pricey if you don’t need that kind of performance.

Voracious Readers: Fire HD For Amazon Customers

Fire HD 10
  • Downloads Kindle eBooks immediately

  • Easy to browse

  • Other eBooks not supported

  • Can’t buy books from Kindle app

  • Kindle ebooks delivered via Safari browser

Two years before the iPad was released, customers were using Kindles to build pocket-sized personal libraries directly from the Amazon bookstore. Now, the company uses services like Kindle Unlimited to connect readers with books—and services like Kindle Vella to get more books to put in people’s hands.

Any tablet is going to be used for reading, but the Fire HD is good for people who mainly read books they buy on Amazon (or library books delivered through Kindle). The same goes for Audible subscribers. If Amazon is already where you buy most entertainment, the Fire HD tablet bundles it together nicely.

Wide Readers: iPad for Kindle Alternatives

Fire HD 10
  • Kindle

  • Other eBooks on SD card

  • Kindle

  • Nook

  • Kobo

  • Amazon Books

  • PDFs

If you want to source ebooks from different places, you should choose the iPad. Every major ebook store has an app for the iPad, including Kindle, Nook, and Kobo. Far from being restricted to just Apple Books, you’ll have access to most ebook platforms. The iPad also has apps for audiobook shops, like Chirp.

If you mainly read to do research for work or school, the iPad is a better choice because you can use it to read things that aren’t in an ebook format. Free copies of books in the public domain are usually PDFs. You can also use the Safari browser to read content hosted on the web, like old books hosted on In short, if you read a lot but don’t buy many books, you’re probably better suited to an iPad.

Work: iPads Get the Job Done

Fire HD 10
  • Microsoft Office apps

  • Zoom

  • Google services too laggy to use

  • Take notes by typing

  • Microsoft Office apps

  • Zoom

  • Google services supported with apps

  • Take notes by typing or using Apple Pencil

If you want a tablet for getting work done, an iPad is the better option. The tablet has a huge selection of apps, from task managers like Asana to accounting software like QuickBooks. It’s also powerful enough for demanding tasks, like editing photos or videos.

The Fire HD tablet has Microsoft apps, but that’s all it offers for work. It’s possible to access Google Docs with the Amazon Silk browser, but it’s a headache to actually do anything.

iPads have access to everything you could need for work. You can use one device to play a lecture and take notes, or video call and screen share with coworkers. It’s easy to move between them and get work done. If you want a tablet that makes work easier, get an iPad.

Entertainment: Fire HD Is an Entertainment Device

Fire HD 10
  • 1080p Full HD display

  • 12 hours of battery life

  • Most streaming services are supported

  • $149

  • 4K

  • 10+ hours of battery life

  • Most streaming services are supported

  • $329

The Fire HD tablet may not have the most robust selection of apps, but the selection includes every major streaming app and service you could want. In addition to Amazon services like Prime Video and Amazon Music, you can use competitor platforms like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and Spotify. Readers will have access to digital book giants Audible and the Kindle Store. Since the Fire HD tablet has a micro SD slot, you can use your own content, too.

The iPad and the Fire HD tablet can both be used for streaming, but entertainment is the Fire HD tablet’s true purpose. Since they’ll both do a great job, save some money and get the Fire HD 10.

Games: iPads Win Again

Fire HD 10
  • Very few games

  • Hardware limits game performance

  • Wide variety of games

  • Powerful processor

  • Game performance comparable to consoles

iPads have access to a wide selection of games. That’s a good enough reason to pick the iPad over the Fire HD tablet, but the way those games perform is another. Putting aside the differences between specific devices, all iPads have powerful processors. They can play fast-paced online games like Mario Kart or beautiful, graphically demanding games like Genshin Impact.

If games are your preferred entertainment, an iPad is really the only choice. It may cost twice as much as a Fire HD tablet, but iPads have great longevity. An old iPad will offer a better gaming experience than a new Fire HD tablet. Like buying a gaming console, you’re getting thousands of hours of entertainment for a few hundred bucks.

Final Verdict

The Fire HD tablet and iPad are both great choices. They are high-quality products that perform their intended tasks well, So which one should you choose? If you want a tablet with apps for all your work, games, and hobbies, the iPad is a good fit. If you’re looking for a tablet only to watch videos, save your money by getting a Fire HD tablet.

  • What is the best stylus for writing on an iPad or Amazon tablet?

    If you pick up an iPad, the best stylus you can get for it is the Apple Pencil, which Apple designed specifically to work with its tablets. If you go the Amazon route, the company recommends ones by Evach. Evach styluses will likely work on an iPad, but you'll have little to no Apple Pencil compatibility on other companies' machines.

  • How do I turn an iPad into an Amazon Kids tablet?

    Apple's closed ecosystem means that you won't be able to install an Amazon tablet's operating system onto an iPad without jailbreaking it (and voiding its warranty). You can, however, install all of Amazon's apps on an iPad and use its built-in parental controls to limit what your kids can see and do.

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