Amazon Finally Readies Launch of Drone Delivery Service

Introducing Amazon Prime Air

Amazon has been trying to make drone deliveries a reality since 2013, and now it looks like the technology is finally ready for primetime. 

The company just revealed it will launch the Amazon Prime Air service later this year once it receives final approval from the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). To help the drones make successful deliveries, Amazon has been hard at work developing technology and algorithms to improve obstacle avoidance. They are not the first to attempt drone deliveries in populated areas, as Alphabet started a pilot program in April in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Amazon Prime Air


Residents living in Lockeford, California, will be the first to experience what Amazon Prime Air has to offer, with drones making deliveries to backyards throughout the community. The company says it chose Lockeford as a testing ground due to its historical links to the aviation industry. 

Amazon has not specified what items are eligible for delivery by drone but did say that “thousands” of products will be among the first to soar through the skies before arriving in the hands of awe-struck consumers… or in their pools. 

The company has not given any specifics regarding weight restrictions, though one would expect this information is forthcoming as most drones can only carry a few pounds of cargo during flight. 

Amazon Prime Air


First announced in 2013 by former CEO Jeff Bezos, this program has seen its share of problems, with eight crashes reported at testing sites in the last year, according to various reports. Additionally, analysts have expressed doubt as to the usefulness of drone deliveries over standard road deliveries.

Amazon has not indicated when the program would advance beyond Lockeford, California, to the rest of the country. 

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