The Next Amazon Event: News, Rumors, and Announcements

Here's everything that was revealed at the latest event, how to stream the Amazon product event, and what to expect in 2023

Amazon unveils new products during its annual Devices & Services Event. The latest product event—held in September 2022—included the new Kindle Scribe, updates to Echo devices, the Halo Rise sleep tracker, a new Alexa Voice Remote with programmable buttons, and lots more.

The next event will be in 2023.

When Is the Next Amazon Event?

Our best guess for the next event is September 2023. However, we don't have a specific day or time because Amazon hasn't announced its next event yet. The latest product unveiling took place in the fall of 2022, so we expect the same schedule in 2023.

How to Watch the Amazon Product Event

Amazon's last event was virtual and invite-only, so we expect the same in 2023. This means, likely, no publicly available product launch stream for just anyone to watch.

What you can do instead is watch the event after the fact through Amazon News on YouTube—the stream will most likely be posted the same day. You can also read about the newly announced products at About Amazon Devices.

Below is a list of all the devices and services announced at the 2022 event, and here's the stream:

What Will Amazon Announce at the Next Event?

There aren't any rumors to report on just yet for the 2023 event, but stay tuned as we update this page with any new information we come across. We expect to see software upgrades and further improvements to their smart devices.

Amazon's 2022 Event Announcements

Amazon's 2022 Devices & Services Event was held on September 28, 2022. This hour-long event introduced brand-new products and upgrades to existing products.

Amazon says the 10.2-inch Kindle Scribe is "the first Kindle made for reading and writing." Included is a battery-free stylus called the "Basic Pen," or you can get an upgraded version called the "Premium Pen" with an eraser and a customizable shortcut button. Powered via USB-C, Amazon claims it will last for months on a single charge.

Amazon Kindle Scribe
Amazon Kindle Scribe.


Halo Rise is a wall-powered, bedside sleep tracker designed to help you understand and improve your sleep. It uses contactless sensors (no camera or mic) and sits next to your bed, so you don't have to wear something on your wrist or put a device under your mattress like some sleep trackers. Rise works for whoever is nearest to the device, and also functions as a wake-up light and smart alarm.

Glacier White is a new color option for Echo Studio. Echo Dot and Echo Studio also received free audio upgrades to enhance the stereo sound, improve mid-range clarity, and deepen the bass. Amazon updated Echo Dot with Clock so it can display information like song titles, an upcoming calendar event, and your snooze countdown. There are two new options for Echo Dot Kids—dragon and owl. 

The Echo Dot lineup also received hardware updates to include an accelerometer for more gesture controls and a temperature sensor. Eero integration also arrives for some Echo models, turning the speakers into mesh Wi-Fi range extenders (up to 1,000 sq ft of coverage per device).

Amazon revealed a few more things geared toward kids: Magicband+ will be compatible with "Hey Disney" and work with Echo devices in resorts and at home, and kids can use Alexa to build unique stories with their preferred characters.

Shop the Look is a newly announced feature for Echo Show devices that uses AI enhancements to make it more intuitive to choose items on the screen when shopping. Instead of having to say the number associated with an item, you can describe its defining feature.

Echo Auto received improvements through the Echo Auto 2nd-gen version. Here are a few changes introduced in this version: a new form factor with a slimmer design, an adhesive mount so you can put it wherever works best for you, media playback handoff from your other devices to your car, hands-free roadside assistance calling, and notifications if you've left your door unlocked with nobody home (and can lock it for you if you tell it to).

Updates to the Alexa Together and the Astro robot introduce more customizable and personalized daily alerts, so caregivers can receive notifications when certain activities happen on connected devices. Here are other announcements related to Astro: the ability to add a new room without having to remap the whole house; Astro can learn about an object's place and state in your home, and all you have to do is feed it some trigger words; and an SDK so developers can help build new ways to use it; Virtual Security Guard to monitor your business when you're away.

Ring Spotlight Cam Pro was introduced during this event, which is a security camera that uses radar for more precise motion alerts. It can pinpoint the specific distance where you start getting alerts, so that, for example, you get alerts only when someone walks up your driveway and not when someone is mowing the lawn.

Amazon also announced the Blink Mini Pan Tilt, an accessory to the Blink Mini that's cheaper and has a 360-degree view of any room; plus the Blink Wired Floodlight Camera that comes with privacy and activity zones.

Eero Internet Backup is a new feature for Eero Plus subscribers and select ISP customers that lets Eero users wirelessly set up a backup internet connection, like a mobile hotspot; your network will automatically switch to it if it goes out, and then switch back to the original network when it's back online.

New to the Eero lineup is the Eero PoE 6, a Wi-Fi 6 power over Ethernet device access point that can provide over 2,000 sq feet of coverage. Amazon also showed off the new 10 gigabit Eero PoE Gateway that can provide up to 100 watts of power for multiple PoE devices.

On the Fire TV front, Amazon unveiled that the service is arriving on the Echo Show 15 through a free software update, letting you stream countless movies and shows. They also announced the new fabric-wrapped Fire TV Cube with improved audio clarity and a new processor that makes it 20 percent more powerful than the previous model. It also has HDMI (in and out ports), USB, and Ethernet ports, and supports Wi-Fi 6E, super-resolution upscaling, and 4K Ultra HD.

The new Alexa Voice Remote Pro has a find feature so you can ask Alexa to locate it for you, and the new backlight helps you use it in the dark. There are two customizable buttons that you can program to your favorite apps, a frequently used input, or any command, including an Alexa routine.

Alexa Voice Remote Pro
Alexa Voice Remote Pro.


The company's final announcement was its newest far-field TV line, the Fire TV Omni QLED series. With a QLED display and the first Fire TV to ship with Dolby Vision IQ, it supports widgets and can use HDR 10+ adaptive and Adaptive Brightness to automatically adjust the contrast and brightness levels depending on the lighting in the room.

The Latest Amazon News

While you can always read the latest technology news on Lifewire, here are some stories specific to Amazon's products:

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