Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) Review

Booming bass, rotating screen

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Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd generation)

Amazon Echo Show 10

Lifewire / Erika Rawes

What We Like
  • Moves with you

  • Phenomenal sound

  • Built-in security camera

  • Fast processing

  • Built-in Zigbee Hub and temperature sensor

What We Don't Like
  • Screen resolution remains unchanged

  • Expensive


Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd generation)

Amazon Echo Show 10

Lifewire / Erika Rawes

We purchased the Amazon Echo Show 10 so our reviewer could put it to the test. Keep reading for their full product review.

A smart display lets you visually interact with a voice assistant in addition to interacting through voice commands, with a screen to display things like photos, song lyrics, videos, and recipes, enhancing your overall experience.

The Amazon Echo Show 10 is one of the most popular smart home hubs available, as it offers a camera for video calls, powerful audio, and a large screen that’s easy to view from a distance. Now on its 3rd generation, the Echo Show 10 has a new design and more features than previous models. I tested the Echo Show 10 to find out how it stacks up against other smart displays, evaluating its design, setup, sound, camera, screen, voice recognition, and features.

Design: A speaker with a screen

The Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) has a completely new design, moving away from the boxy looks of the past and toward a look that’s both modern and functional. Instead of being a screen with a speaker included in its stand like many other Echo Show models, the Show 3rd Gen is more like a large speaker with a screen attached. The screen connects to the speaker via a ring, thus allowing the screen to rotate. 

Amazon Echo Show 10

Lifewire / Erika Rawes

The speaker is relatively large, measuring about 5 inches tall and roughly 5.5 inches in diameter. There are no controls on the speaker portion, but the power adapter connects into a slot on the bottom of the speaker.

The Show’s screen is 10.1 inches, and the volume buttons, microphone off button, and camera slider switch sit on top of the display screen. In total—with screen and speaker included—the Echo Show clocks in at 9.88 x 6.77 x 9 inches, and weighs 5.64 pounds. It’s heavy, yes, but it’s also meant to sit in one place.

Instead of being a screen with a speaker on the back like many other Echo Show models, the Show 3rd Gen is a large speaker with a screen attached.

Echo Shows have always been exceptional kitchen companions, and the 3rd-Gen Show 10 is no different. Available in Charcoal or Glacier White, it looks sleek and stylish on granite or quartz countertop, and it doesn’t take away from the design of a kitchen.

Setup Process: Follow the prompts

Setting up the Echo Show 10 takes only a few moments, and it’s even easier if you already have the Alexa app downloaded.

Once you have the Alexa app, it’s as easy as plugging in the Show 10, connecting it to the internet, and following the prompts. Since the Show rotates, placement is especially important with this device. It needs enough clearance to rotate 360 degrees, and you also want to angle the screen in such a way where you have the best visuals.

Amazon Echo Show 10

Lifewire / Erika Rawes

What’s New: Better camera, rotating screen, and more

In addition to its new design, the Show 10 (3rd Gen) has a number of new hardware features. The rotating screen makes it so the screen can follow you around the room. This means, when you’re on a call or watching a video while cooking, the screen can stay facing you without you having to adjust the device. 

The 3rd-Gen Show is powered by a MediaTek 8183 main processor plus a second processor with Amazon AZ1 Neural Edge, while the previous-Gen Show has an Intel Atom x5-Z8350 processor. The camera is also improved on the new Show, moving all the way up to 13 MP. The 2nd-gen Show has only a 5MP camera, and the smaller Show 8 features a 1MP camera. The speaker on the new Show boasts an impressive 3-inch woofer and dual 1-inch tweeters—a large improvement over the previous generation’s dual 2-inch drivers and passive bass radiator. 

When you’re on a call or watching a video while cooking, the screen can stay facing you without you having to adjust the device.

Sound Quality: Phenomenal

Since the new Echo has a robust 3-inch woofer and dual 1-inch tweeters, the sound gets very loud. But, music sounds clean and distortion-free even on max volume levels, and movies and shows are immersive, with powerful background music and clear dialogue.

To evaluate sound quality on speakers, I have three go-to songs I use for testing: “Titanium” by David Guetta featuring Sia, “Chains” by Nick Jonas, and “Comedown” by Bush. I choose these songs because they have a mix of low, mid, and high tones. The Echo Show 10’s bass is punchy and pleasant, while the mid and high-tones still come through clearly.

I also watched comedy shows like “Modern Family,” action movies like “Bumble Bee,” and YouTube instructional videos on the Show 10. If the bass is too loud, I can adjust it using the equalizer in the Alexa app, but I found the default settings to be just right. 

Amazon Echo Show 10

Lifewire / Erika Rawes

The Show 10 is loud enough to play music throughout my entire two-story home. I can even connect other speakers if I want better audio, but that isn’t really necessary since the Show 10 is so powerful on its own. One thing that really impressed me is Alexa’s ability to hear my voice commands even when my song or TV show is on full volume.

This has been an issue for me with other smart speakers and displays (especially Echo speakers), where the far-field mics wouldn’t do a very good job of picking up my commands in the presence of background noises. The Show 10 rarely misses a beat though, hearing almost every “Alexa” command I utter.

Display/Camera Quality: Clear video calls

The Echo Show’s 13MP camera is a vast improvement over other Show models, but it's also an improvement over many other smart display brands like the Nest Hub Max (6.5MP) and even the larger Facebook Portal Plus (12.5MP). This makes for high-quality video calls.

You can use the Show 10 to check on your house while you're away, as it basically acts as an indoor security camera.

Like the Facebook Portal, the Show’s camera can also pan and zoom, with auto-framing to keep it focused on you during calls. Echo’s camera can also rotate to follow you all around the room—not just on calls, but when you’re watching a video or interacting with the display in general. You can disable this feature if you want, but I found it to be extremely helpful.

The 13MP camera isn’t just beneficial for calls, but also home security. You can use the Show 10 to check on your house while you're away, as it basically acts as an indoor security camera. You can move the screen around and get a pretty good view of the room too. If you’re concerned about privacy, you can block the camera using the slider switch, and this will physically obstruct the camera’s view.

Amazon Echo Show 10

Lifewire / Erika Rawes

The display quality on the new Echo Show isn’t bad, but this is one area that didn’t see much change. The 10.1-inch screen has a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. The screen is clear and bright, and you can see shows and videos from a reasonable distance. It also has features like adaptive color to help make your photos look better in different lighting conditions. However, there’s a thick interior bezel surrounding the screen, and this takes away from the overall aesthetic. I would have also liked to have seen an improvement in screen resolution over other Show models. 

Features: A complete smart home hub

The Show’s ability to follow you as you move about the room is perhaps the biggest upgrade, as well as the improved camera that allows you to monitor your home and the enhanced sound quality. However, the Echo Show also boasts a Zigbee Hub, temperature sensor, and all of the newer Alexa features like Amazon Sidewalk, Care Hub, and Alexa Guard. The voice assistant on the new Show is the same Alexa as ever, but the screen allows Alexa to show you recipes, song lyrics, facts, schedules, the status of your smart home, and more. 

The Zibgee hub means you can set up and manage Zigbee compatible devices, and with a temperature sensor, you can say things like, “Alexa, turn on the thermostats when it reaches 80 degrees.” 

Amazon sidewalk isn’t unique to the new Show 10, but it’s a new optional feature for select Echo and Ring devices that basically allows them to act as Bridges to a shared network that helps the devices work better. Care Hub is another relatively new feature for Alexa that lets you remotely check in on your loved ones. 

Price: You get what you pay for

The Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) retails for $250, but you can sometimes find it on sale for around $200. Some may look at the $250 price and think it’s way too high when compared to other Echo smart displays like the Show 8 or Show 5, which retail for $110 and $80, respectively.

However, the new Show 10 offers so much more than just a bigger screen—you also get a built-in Zigbee hub, much better sound, the ability to monitor your home with a built-in security camera, and a screen that follows you as you move about the room.

On the other hand, if you’re just looking for a basic smart display that can display photos, assist you in the kitchen, play shows and videos, and you don’t care about the extra bells and whistles,, you might be happier with one of the more affordable models. 

Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) vs. Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen)

The Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) has a smaller screen than the Echo Show 10, and it doesn’t have a camera. This means you can make only voice calls—no video calls—but it also means you don’t have to worry as much about switching over a slider switch when you want privacy from the camera. The Nest Hub 2 has a new sleep tracking feature and gestures, given the addition of Soli Radar. 

The Nest Hub is ideal for those who prefer the Google Nest eco-system, and for those who want a smart display for smart home control, to use as a virtual assistant, or to use as an alarm clock. The Echo Show 10 is better for someone who prefers Amazon’s ecosystem and wants a device that can make calls, blast music, and watch your home when you're away. The Nest Hub 2 is significantly more affordable than the Echo Show 10, retailing for $100.

Final Verdict

The right changes make the 3rd-Gen Echo Show 10 Amazon’s best display so far.

The move with you feature, coupled with a better camera to make calls and monitor your home, are what make the Echo Show 10 a winner. While the price is high and I wish Amazon would have upped the screen resolution, these are small complaints given the device’s functional new design and features.

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  • Product Name Echo Show 10 (3rd generation)
  • Product Brand Amazon
  • UPC 840080553399
  • Price $250.00
  • Release Date September 2020
  • Weight 5.6 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions 9.9 x 9 x 6.7 in.
  • Color Charcoal, Glacier White
  • Warranty 1 year (optional extended warranties available)
  • Processor MediaTek 8183 main processor plus second processor with Amazon AZ1 Neural Edge
  • Motion Brushless Motor +/- 175-degree rotation
  • Smart Home Hub Zigbee + Sidewalk
  • Display 10.1-inch touchscreen, rotating screen with manual tilt
  • Resolution 1280 x 800
  • Camera 13MP
  • Audio 2.1 system: 2 x 1.0-inch tweeters and a 3.0-inch woofer
  • Voice Assistant Alexa
  • Connectivity Dual-band, dual-antenna Wi-Fi (MIMO), supports 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi, does not support ad-hoc (peer-to-peer) Wi-Fi networks, includes an 802.15.4 radio for support of smart home devices
  • Privacy Features Wake word technology, streaming indicators, microphone/camera off button, camera shutter, ability to view and delete voice recordings, ability to disable motion
  • Sensor ALS RGB
  • What's Included Echo Show 10, Glacier White power adapter (30W) / cable (5 feet), motion footprint template, quick start guide
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