Amazon EC2 Problems

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is the central part of Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Company's cloud computing platform. This web service offers re-sizable computing capacity in the cloud.
As you may see in any other platform that you select, EC2 also has problems and limitations. Let's take a detailed look at the Amazon EC2 problems in the following sections.

Limitations of EC2

The limitations of EC2 are difficult to overcome and different from those faced while running your own hardware. These restrictions can become harmful to the scalability and well-being of your service without proper development and planning.
The latencies amid instances, latencies amid storage and instances, and deficiency of powerful instances having greater than four virtual CPUs and 15 GB RAM are the greatest limitations of EC2. The root cause behind all the issues related to latencies is the same; several non-localized instances in a shared LAN compete for the bandwidth.
The network in Amazon's EC2 is more widespread than most of the local LANs implying that the packets hit multiple routers and switches on their path from one instance to another. Each additional node appended amidst instances is just a few milliseconds extra than the overall trip time of the packet.
Since plenty of data has to travel from one end of LAN to another, the data traveling distance is much longer than it actually needs to be leading to congestion problems commonly seen on the internet.

This may not be a big deal for computationally rigorous tasks, but it matters a lot to people who depend on quick database calls.

The Recent Outage of EC2

EC2 faced an outage very recently raising doubts about the reliability of this cloud platform. The US-East-1 region experienced issues related to network connectivity; the big name startups like Foursquare, Rapportive, Heroku, and Reddit were not available temporarily.

This was not the first EC2 Amazon outage that left few of the popular start-ups halting to a stop. An earlier outage this year lasted for almost 48 hours and was the worst in the history of cloud computing. However, it was fortunate for the products relying on this service this time as the outage was resolved quickly. EC2 Amazon problems and outages are rare, but still, in cases which take a long time to get resolved, it is a great loss to the development of cloud and consumer technology.
The recent 48-hours disruption of services is one incident that questions the reliability of this cloud computing technology. But, they've definitely learned from their mistake, and we didn't get to see anything similar ever again.

Though Amazon's EC2 utility service has the ability to radically modify the way in which internet services are deployed, it still has some drawbacks. Hence, it is recommended that developers give it a second thought before switching over to EC2 functionality.