Amazon Drop In Update Turns All Your Echos into Intercoms

A software update spreads drop in to all Echos in your home

Echos are always listening for "Alexa," but now they can help your entire household communicate.

Amazon Echo

Amazon is expanding its drop-in feature to all Echo devices on a single network. It essentially turns the Echos into an intercom system. The software update dropped in late May.

Do you drop in? Amazon first introduced Drop In with its Echo Show (the first ones with a screen) back in 2017. It lets you instantly connect to any Echo device you own or a contact's, provided they've given you permission. In the latter case, you might use it to, say, check in on an elderly family member.

The update: The new Drop In update enables "Group Drop In" across all the Echo devices in your home. Turning the system into a two-way communication system.

How to use it: Provided your Echos have the update, you can say, "Alexa, drop in on all devices." This opens two way communication between all the Echos in the home. If everyone is off in their own room, you can start a conversation and ask if everyone wants pizza (I know, most of us currently text other family members in the home to ask these critical questions).

There's more: Group Drop In is just one of many new Alexa features:

  • Reminders can play across all your Echo devices
  • Reactions to shared photos
  • Daily music recommendations from musicians like Peter Wentz and Bad Bunny

Bottom line: Echo's Group Drop In is the high-tech rebirth of the hard wired intercoms the 1960s and 70s, but with better looks, audio, and usability.

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