Amazon Announces Alexa-Enabled Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Preorders available now

If you happen to like both clean air and digital voice assistants, Amazon has got you covered.

The company on Wednesday announced the Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor via a blog post. This device operates as a full-featured air quality monitor, measuring potentially harmful particulate matter, but offers a twist on an age-old design. It boasts complete integration with Amazon’s smart assistant, Alexa, and related Echo devices. 

Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor

Here’s how it works. If the monitor senses something amiss, such as an accumulation of dust, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon monoxide, or smoke, your Alexa-enabled devices will let you know. These announcements will be distributed via any Echo speakers you have throughout your home and your smartphone’s Alexa app. 

The company says a quick and direct announcement from Alexa will allow users to make necessary changes to eliminate the issue, such as opening windows, turning on fans, or alerting authorities in the case of carbon monoxide. 

You also can ask Alexa about the air quality in your home for a heads-up. Additionally, a detailed air quality report can be found via your Alexa app or Echo Show display.  

Preorders are live right now, and the Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor is reasonably priced at $69. However, there is a catch. Units won’t begin shipping until December, so you’ll have to rely on your sense of smell to suss out airborne impurities until then.

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