Amazon offers a wide array of smart home products. We'll help you understand them, use them, and troubleshoot them when Alexa goes rogue.
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Alexa Hunches turning off the lights as a man goes to bed.
How to Set Up and Use Alexa Hunches
An Echo Dot with a man working in the background.
How to Use Alexa to Transfer Music Between Echo Devices
An Amazon Echo with a woman working in the background.
How Many Amazon Echos Does Your Home Need?
An Echo Dot with Clock with a person using a phone.
How to Change the Clock Brightness on Echo Dot
Alexa in front of a TV
Can Alexa Record Conversations in a Room?
Women with an Alexa device.
Alexa's Adaptive Volume: What It Is and How to Use It
A child presses an Amazon Echo at the family dinner table
How to Make Alexa Say What You Want
A child presses an Amazon Echo Dot at the family dinner table
Alexa Only Playing One Song? How to Fix the Problem
An Echo Dot set up as a night light.
How to Turn Your Echo Show Into a Night Light
amazon echo spot white displaying weather
How to Change the Clock Face on the Echo Spot
Connecting an Echo Dot to Wi-Fi.
How to Connect an Echo Dot to Wi-Fi
Updating an Echo Dot in mute mode.
How to Update an Echo Dot
Smart Home enabled devices
How to Connect a Vizio TV to Alexa
Wearables & Beyond With Shaq - 2014 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival
How to Change Alexa's Voice to Shaquille O'Neal
Someone using Amazon Alexa with a smart speaker.
How to Get Alexa Celebrity Voices
An Echo Show being used as a security camera with Alexa Home Monitoring.
How to Use Alexa and Echo Show as a Security Camera
An Amazon Smart plug in use.
How to Reset Amazon Smart Plug
An Amazon smart speaker with a TV in the background
How to Connect Alexa to an LG Smart TV
Amazon Echo Dot
How to Use an Echo Dot as a Speaker
Person in bed saying, "Alexa, turn on Fire TV."
How to Connect an Echo Dot to a TV
A man holding a baby while sitting at a kitchen table with another child nearby and a smart speaker on the table
Can You Use an Echo Dot Without Alexa?
The Amazon Echo Show 5
How to Connect an Echo Show to the Alexa App
Amazon Echo Dot with Clock 4th Generation
How to Use an Echo Dot as an Intercom
Two Echo Dots paired for stereo sound with a TV, iPhone, and laptop.
How to Pair Two Echo Dots for Stereo Sound
Echo Dot 2nd Gen with microphone muted and red ring
How to Turn Off an Echo Dot
Screenshot of using a smart plug
How to Connect a Smart Plug to Alexa
A family gathered in the living room all looking at different devices
How to Add Devices on Amazon
A Samsung Smart TV
How to Connect Samsung TV to Alexa
Alarm sounds in the Alexa app on iPhone
How to Set Alexa Alarm to Music
A woman smiling at a woodworking table while looking at a smart speaker in the corner
Can I Call Alexa From My Phone?
Pairing an Echo Dot to a Bluetooth speaker.
How to Pair an Echo Dot
Setting up an Amazon Smart Plug
How to Set Up Amazon Smart Plug
The Ring Video Doorbell Pro
How to Connect a Ring Doorbell to Alexa
A finger pushing a video doorbell.
How Long Does a Ring Battery Last?
Registering an Echo Dot with the Alexa app.
How to Register an Echo Dot
Turning on an Echo Dot by plugging it in.
How to Turn On an Echo Dot
Two women sitting smiling at a smart speaker
How Do I Change the Amazon Account on My Alexa?
A close up of someone touching a smart speaker near a laptop
Does Amazon Smart Plug Work With Google Home? No, but It Works With These Devices
An Echo Dot with the mute button and action button pressed.
How to Put an Echo Dot in Setup Mode
An Echo Dot connected to a phone hotspot instead of Wi-Fi.
Does Alexa Need Wi-Fi?
An Echo Dot with the mute button and action button pressed.
What Do the Echo Dot Buttons Do?
An Amazon Echo connected to an iPhone.
How to Connect an Echo Dot to an iPhone
A Nest thermostat on a wall.
How to Reset a Nest Thermostat
A video call on an Echo Show 5.
How to Video Call on an Echo Show
An Alexa set to stop listening with a red indicator light.
How to Stop Alexa From Listening
Someone using Amazon Alexa with a smart speaker
8 Alexa Routine Ideas for Your Home
Change Alexa's wake word in the iPhone app
Can You Change Alexa's Name?
A 4th generation Echo providing the temperature from its sensor.
How to Use the Amazon Echo Temperature Sensor
Closeup of Amazon Echo Dot with a red light on the microphone icon
Is Alexa Down ... or Is It Just You?
Placing a group call on Echo Show.
How to Make a Group Call on an Amazon Echo/Echo Show
All-new Echo (4th Gen) charcoal Amazon Alexa smart assistant speaker device.
The Alexa Echo Device Comparison Chart
Illustration of a Sidewalk neighborhood
How to Opt Out Of and Turn Off Amazon Sidewalk
Alexa flash briefing feeds in the Alexa mobile app.
How to Set up Your Own Alexa Flash Briefing
Kids using a smart home assistant in the kitchen.
How to Set Alexa Parental Controls
A woman and child speaking to a smart home assistant.
How to Create a Smart Home Hub With Alexa
Woman jogging
How to Connect Fitbit to Alexa
An Amazon Echo speaker on a living room table
How to Control Lights With Alexa
Amazon Echo, Dot, and Show
How to Reset Alexa on Echo Devices
Echo device next to stopwatch
How to Set Up and Use the Alexa Stopwatch

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