Amazfit Launches Attractive Smartwatches That Seriously Track Every Sport Ever

Sensors for over 150 sports and fitness activities

Wearable company Amazfit has just unveiled a trio of new mini smartwatches with improved technology and striking looks. 

The watches comprise the latest iteration—fourth-generation for those keeping score—of the GTR and GTS series. All three watch designs share some features, including advanced GPS antenna technology for better geo-positioning, resulting in more accurate location tracking as you exercise. 

Amazfit GTR 4 GTS 4


Each watch design also boasts a big and bold HD AMOLED display and plenty of advanced sensors to track your health and, more importantly, your sports and fitness goals. These smartwatches are essentially made for outdoor activities, with over 150 tracking modes to suit different sports, including a newly-added sensor to track your golf swing.

The watches even keep track of strength training exercises, 25 in total, with algorithms that automatically count repetitions, sets, and rest time. Workout data is easily synced to various platforms, such as Strava and the Adidas Running smartphone app

Though designed for fitness, the new GTR and GTS watches are also quite adept at general health tracking, with an upgraded proprietary BioTracker sensor that keeps an eye on your heart rate, blood-oxygen saturation levels, breathing rate, and even stress levels. 

Amazfit GTS 4 Mini


So what are the differences between the designs? The GTR 4 is round, and the GTS 4 is square. There’s also the GTS 4 Mini which is square but, wait for it, smaller than its bulkier sibling. The Mini also lacks a few tracking modes, with 120 sports available, and includes a standard HD display instead of AMOLED. 

All three watches are available today, though Europe gets them first. Amazfit says the rest of the world can purchase the trio by the end of the month. The GTS 4 Mini costs around $100, while the GTS 4 and GTR 4 cost twice that. 

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