How Long Do Camcorder Batteries Last?

family using camcorder to create family home movie

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Your camcorder's battery life is very important. Without battery power, you can quickly become useless. Here are some tips for making your camcorder batteries last as long as possible.

Buy the Long-Life Battery

Buying an additional long-life battery is the easiest way to ensure that you have enough battery power to get you through your event. When you buy a long life battery keep your original battery charged as a spare for emergency situations.

Charge the Battery

Camcorder batteries can lose charge when they have been stored for a long period of time. Even if you stored the battery at full charge, plug your camcorder in the night before to make sure you get the most you can out of the battery when it matters.

Use the Viewfinder​

Using the LCD screen can be tempting to do when you are recording an event. The LCD screen uses more than twice the battery power than your camcorders viewfinder does however. If you are in a situation where you want to conserve your camcorders battery power then try to close the LCD screen and use the viewfinder instead.

Watch Your Movie Later

It can be tempting to want to watch the funny event you just recorded. If you wait and watch the event later once your camcorder is plugged in then you will be able to save your battery power for recording more fun events.

Make Your Movement Uniform

Turning your camcorder on and off and zooming in and out can take up a lot of battery power. You are going to want to zoom, and turning your camcorder off when you are going to stop recording for a while is a good idea. Try to keep things like that to a minimum when you can.

Buy an External Battery Charger

If your camcorder uses itself as a battery charger then you may want to consider purchasing an additional external battery charger. If you have two batteries then you can leave one on the charger in the hotel room while you and your family are out for the day, stop back by in the afternoon and switch the battery on the charger for the battery on your camera. With an external battery charger you are able to have a battery constantly charging and also always have use of your camcorder.