Alternatives to BlackBerry App World

Other BlackBerry software stores may offer more app variety.

BlackBerry Priv
BlackBerry Priv.

BlackBerry App World came into existence long after other BlackBerry software stores were thriving on the Web. Even though App World has created an app community among BlackBerry developers, there are other stores that offer a wide selection of apps and themes for BlackBerrys.

MobiHand and CrackBerry

MobiHand is a very large app store for BlackBerry, Android, Treo, Windows Mobile, iPhone, and Symbian devices.

Mobihand carries a wide array of applications, themes, and games. It also has a very large selection of free items available for download. MobiHand has its own BlackBerry application that you can use to access the store from your device.

The site is very easy to use, the selection is large, and it runs specials on software regularly. This is definitely a good alternative to BlackBerry App World, and you may find software that does not appear in App World.

Crackberry is not only a major site for BlackBerry news, troubleshooting help, and tips, but it also has a well-organized software store which is run by MobiHand.


Handango is another site that sells applications and games for multiple device platforms. There is a very large selection of apps and tools on Handango, but they do not have an area dedicated to themes. As you browse through the site, you will find some themes here and there, but Handango is not as well organized as MobiHand or BlackBerry App World when it comes to themes.

If you are ever looking for an application and you cannot find what you are looking for, take the time to search these alternatives. It's also wise to comparison shop, because App World may have different prices than MobiHand and Handango for the same apps. Taking a little time to search a few stores may save you money and introduce you to applications you would not have found otherwise.