A Quick Guide to BlackBerry World and Its App Store Alternatives

BlackBerry World came into existence long after other BlackBerry software stores were thriving on the web. However, it soon dominated the mobile software field for BlackBerry mobile devices. It wasn't long before popular alternative software providers closed their online app stores.

Much like the iTunes Store dominates the iOS app market and Google Play dominates the Android mobile app market, BlackBerry World is a popular place to go for mobile software for your BlackBerry mobile device.

Person using Blackberry World on their Blackberry smartphone
Lifewire / Derek Abella

About BlackBerry World

The BlackBerry World website includes sections for apps, games, and themes for BlackBerry devices. Each of the three categories opens on a screen that includes thumbnails of products along with their user ratings and price or a note that the product is free.

Products are categorized on the opening screens by Top Free, Top Paid, Newest, and other categories to help viewers make a choice. There are also categories listed at the top of the screen and a search field to look got a specific app.

Google Play and BlackBerry Apps

Google Play carries downloadable apps for BlackBerry mobile devices powered by Android. Type BlackBerry apps into the search bar at the top of Google Play to see a huge selection of apps. If you can't find what you are looking for at BlackBerry World, you may be able to find it here. 

Defunct BlackBerry App Sites

Mobihand and CrackBerry both offered BlackBerry apps long before BlackBerry World launched. However, they have since closed their app stores. Mobihand went out of business eight years after starting its app store. CrackBerry is still in business. The CrackBerry app at Google Play offers news, reviews, and editorials, along with videos and podcasts for BlackBerry mobile devices.

Handango was a website that sold applications and games for multiple device platforms including BlackBerry. Although Handango is still in business, it's apps are sold through BlackBerry World now.