What the 'Allintitle' Command Is in Google and How to Use It

Google search engine page with search results displayed on a computer monitor

Oleksiy Maksymenko / Getty Images

The Google Allintitle syntax finds Web pages in Google Web search that only contain all of the keywords in their title. The keyword should follow with no spaces.

Example: Allintitle:Google dictionary

This search phrase finds only results with both the words "Google" and "dictionary" in the title.

What Is a Web Site Title?

The title of a Web page is the heading that appears at the top of the browser if you're using Firefox, Safari, or Edge. The title appears on top of the tab in Google Chrome when you are using multiple tabs (and when you don't have a lot of tabs open. Frequently you'll only see part of the title in the Chrome browser.) 

Each Web site can have only one title, in the <title></title> tags. In most cases, the title should have something to do with the contents of the page, and most likely it contains the main point of the page. It makes a lot of sense to search within the title tags when you are trying to refine searches for a subject that is very broad and may have a lot of search results but only a few that have titles dedicated to a particular term. Another good use for the allintitle search syntax is if you have a fairly good memory of the title of a specific page you once visited but do not have saved in your history. 

Intitle vs Allintitle

The allintitle tag is different from the intitle tag in that it looks for all the keywords and not just some of them. This gives you an extra amount of search refiners to really pin down a term when many Web sites may use the same terms and it is important to only find Web sites that use all the terms. 

Although using the intitle and allintitle search operators is usually done for legitimate reasons, one nefarious use for the operators is by people who are actually trying to hack Web sites using known vulnerabilities. For example, some content management systems may have default pages for administration. By searching for a specific page title, a hacker may be able to exploit the vulnerability and gain access to a site. That is one reason why Web sites may rename or relocate default login pages for example. 

For this reason, it is important to not only know how to use the allintitle and intitle search operators to find Web pages but also to avoid having your Web site hacked.