All US Instagrammers Now Have Product Tagging Capabilities

Get ready for easy in-app purchasing

Instagram has always let you tag people on your feed and Stories, but what of commercially available products? Will nobody think of the poor, neglected products? 

Well, the popular social media network just solved this issue by rolling out a product tagging feature in its latest update, as reported via an official blog post. The feature is available for all US Instagrammers after being teased by the company back in March. 

Instagram Product Tagging

Instagram / Meta

What does this mean for average Instagram fans? You’ll be able to tag a product in your photos, and anyone who clicks on the tag will be able to easily purchase the product via a third-party sales page or via Instagram itself. 

Instagram is advertising this feature as an easy way to share products you like with friends and family, though one imagines popular accounts will also use it when partnering up with brands. 

Tagging a product works similarly to tagging another Instagram account. Just follow the prompts in the tagging menu, and you are good to go. 

There are a couple of caveats. First of all, tagging products is only for public accounts, which makes sense considering the whole point is to generate sales. Also, you can only use this feature in your feed, though Instagram says they are working on integrating this option into Stories. 

Instagram has been steadily incorporating changes into the UI as of late, adding two new feed options to simplify browsing late last month. 

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