Download Alien Swarm PC Game for Free

A marine fires a flame thower at one of the many enemies in Alien Swarm

Alien Swarm is a free sci-fi action game for the PC developed by the Valve Corporation and available for free download through the Steam digital distribution game service. It is a remake of the Unreal Tournament 2004 Mod of the same name developed by Black Cat Games. The same developers behind that game, now known as Alien Swarm 2K4, were hired by Valve and created this latest version in between development of other Value projects.

Set in the year 2052 players control marines who are sent on a recuse mission on a planet in the far reaches of space after it has been overrun by a swarm of aliens. The mission soon turns in a fight for survival as the rescue mission turns into a search and destroy mission where players must plant a nuclear bomb and make it back to their dropship before the bomb goes off.

Alien Swarm is played from the top-down, birds-eye perspective similar to those found in the classic Alien Breed and the more recent Halo: Spartan Assault. Alien Swarm also features cooperative gameplay for up to 4 players through its only campaign, Jacob's Rest, which can also be played as a single player game. The game features four different classes for players to choose from each of which has two selectable characters.

Class and Character Unique Skills and Abilities

  • Officers – The Officer class characters are the leaders of the group and provide bonus damage to allies in close proximity. The also have access to a high-powered shotgun and incendiary grenade launcher named the Vindicator.
  • Special Weapons – Special Weapons characters are the heavy fighters of the team. Armed with an auto-gun and ability to gain access to a mini-gun they bring enough raw firepower to take out most anything.
  • Medic – The Medic class can heal both themselves and other marines with the use of healing beacons and a special unique medigun.
  • Tech – This class has the ability to perform all sorts of technical tasks including hacking, setup of sentry guns, welding and opening doors and much more. They have access to a unique assault rifle that features auto aiming and ability to fire stun grenades.

The game also features a small role playing game element with unlockable items and abilities as players gain levels through experience. Other specific gameplay elements in Alien Swarm include more than 40 different types if weapons and equipment, persistent statistics, and 64 Steam achievements.

Download Alien Swarm

Alien Swarm was released in Jul 2010 and is completely free to download and play through the Steam PC gaming platform. In addition to the game, the download also includes the software development kit (SDK) that allows modders to develop total conversion mods. The SDK includes TileGen, a level design tool, third person camera which allows for third person shooters, as well as other development tools for additional gameplay features. To date, there are more than three dozen conversion mods based on the Alien Swarm Source that are completely free to download.