Alexa Gets 'Works With Matter' to Play Nice With Other New Smart Home Devices

Maybe soon all your gadgets will work together

Today is the official launch day for the multi-company smart home standard Matter, which hopes to simplify how connected devices from different manufacturers interact with one another. 

To that end, Amazon has announced that they are officially jumping on board the Matter train, creating the new Works With Alexa (WWA) designation for Matter devices. They are bringing cross-platform support to dozens of Echo/Alexa devices in December, though integration will only be possible via Wi-Fi for now. 

Matter Alexa


Controllable devices include Android phones, smart plugs, smart bulbs, smart switches, and more. Controllers include big-league Echo devices, like the Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Studio, and Echo Flex. 

Amazon says Matter/Alexa integration will expand to iOS devices early next year and the company will also increase supported device types. Matter’s associated networking protocol, Thread, will receive Amazon support next year. 

Amazon has also teamed up with smart lighting expert Sengled to jointly manufacture Matter-compatible products throughout the coming years. This partnership will obviously start with the creation of lighting fixtures. 

Amazon Sengled


Why does Matter, well, matter? Once enough companies and products join the standard, you can control any Matter-compatible device from any compatible Matter app. You will never have to re-register a smart home product to get it to work with a new platform. 

In the case of Amazon, you won’t have to rely exclusively on the Alexa app to control smart home devices, as it can all be done via Matter. Amazon, Google, Apple, and Samsung have all announced they are adopting the platform to varying degrees. 

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