What Is an AIT File?

Adobe Illustrator template files help you make uniform AI files

What to Know

  • An AIT file is a template file used by Adobe Illustrator.
  • You can make one in that program (File > Save as Template), or download premade templates (File > New).
  • Conversions to PDF, AI, and other formats are supported.

This article explains what an AIT file is and how to open one on your computer or convert one to a different format, like FXG, EPS, and SVG.

What Is an AIT File?

A file with the AIT file extension is an Illustrator template file that's used to create multiple Adobe Illustrator (.AI) files. 

AIT files hold the different components of an Illustrator drawing, including the images, settings, and layout, and are useful when working with projects that should have a similar, pre-formatted design, like brochures, business cards, etc.

Creating an AIT file is done through the program's File > Save as Template menu.

AIT files in Windows 10

AIT also stands for some terms unrelated to this file format, like advanced intelligent tape, automated information system, and artificial intelligence technology.

How to Open an AIT File

Of course, Adobe Illustrator will open AIT files. Some people have had luck using CorelDRAW, using the Import function in that program.

How to Save an AIT File

The benefit to an AIT file is that when opened, Illustrator makes a copy of it so that you're not editing the original, and therefore not overwriting the template with new information. In other words, when you open an AIT file, make changes, and then go to save it, you'll be prompted to save it somewhere as an AI file, not an AIT file.

Saving the file in the AI format is a good thing because it's the whole point of an AIT file—to provide a similar building block for creating AI files. Of course, this also means that you can't make changes to an AIT file as quickly as you can with an AI file.

That said, if you do want to edit the template, you can save it as a new file but then choose the AIT file extension instead of AI, overwriting the existing AIT file. Another option would be to use the File > Save as Template option instead of the regular Save As menu.

How to Convert an AIT File

When you open an AIT file in Illustrator, you can save the file to a new format with the File > Save As menu. Some supported formats include AI, FXG, PDF, EPS, and SVG.

You can also export the AIT file to a DWG, DXF, BMP, EMF, SWF, JPG, PCT, PSD, PNG, TGA, TXT, TIF, or WMF file using Adobe Illustrator's File Export menu.

Still Can't Open the File?

If Illustrator isn't opening your file, check that you're reading the file extension correctly. Many file extensions look incredibly similar, but that doesn't mean they can be opened with the same programs.

AIR, ITL, AIFF/AIF/AIFC, ATI (Office Accounting Updated Company), and ALT (Dynamics AX Temporary) files are a few examples.

If you still can't get your file to open, try opening it as a text file with a free text editor. Most formats, even if they're not text-based, have something readable that can help identify what type of file it is.

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