How to AirPlay From iPhone to TV

No AirPlay compatible TV? You might be able use screen mirroring

What to Know

  • You can access AirPlay on your iPhone from the Control Center; the AirPlay icon looks like several rings with a triangle at the bottom.
  • To use AirPlay, you must be using an AirPlay 2- compatible smart TV. You need to connect the TV and the iPhone to the same network.
  • Not all apps on iPhone are compatible with AirPlay, so you might need to use Screen Mirroring instead.

This article provides instructions for how to AirPlay from your iPhone to your supported smart TV. It also includes information about mirroring your iPhone to your smart TV if the AirPlay icon isn't available.

Where Do I Find AirPlay on My iPhone?

If you're streaming music or videos on your iPhone and you want to send it to another device, you can use AirPlay if the app you're streaming from, and the device you want to stream to is compatible. If they are, you can find the AirPlay icon in either the app or in the streaming controls in your Control Center.

If what you're looking for is the AirPlay app, you won't find it. AirPlay is a feature available when a streaming app is compatible, and not all apps are.

Is There a Way to Connect iPhone to TV?

Just because you don't necessarily have a dedicated AirPlay app doesn't mean you can't use it to send music or videos from your iPhone to a compatible device. And though not all apps are AirPlay compatible, you can still connect your iPhone to your TV to view your movies and apps on a larger screen using screen mirroring. But there are a couple of caveats.

First, you must be using an AirPlay 2-compatible smart TV. If you're not sure if your TV falls into that category, you can find a complete list of AirPlay 2-compatible TVs and other devices on Apple's website. Just look for your brand and model there. If it's there, great. If not, then you probably can't use AirPlay with your TV.

Once you're sure your TV is compatible, then using AirPlay is easy.

  1. Start a video or music on your phone in a compatible app.

  2. Swipe down from the top right corner of the screen to Control Center.

  3. In the control center, tap the Media controls.

    Screenshots of where to find the media controls in Control Center.
  4. When the media controls expand, you should see the AirPlay icon about mid-way down the card. Tap in that area to access AirPlay Controls.

  5. On the AirPlay Controls card, select the TV you want to send your media to. If this is your first time using AirPlay, you may be prompted to allow the TV set access to your content. If this happens, follow the onscreen instructions.

    Screenshots showing how to use AirPlay on an iPhone.

When you've finished using AirPlay, tap the name of the device you connected to with AirPlay to break the connection.

How Can I Mirror My iPhone to My TV Without Apple TV?

If you want to share something from your phone that isn't AirPlay compatible, you can use screen mirroring instead. The problem with screen mirroring is that whatever you're sharing will have the same orientation and aspect ratio as your phone because everything you do on your phone also takes place on the big screen.

However, it's helpful if you don't want to continue using the small screen. And you can always turn your phone to landscape orientation to get a better fit. Just remember to turn off your notifications if you don't want them flashing up on the screen.

How Do I Get AirPlay on My TV?

If you have a TV that's not AirPlay compatible, you can add an Apple TV device to get the capability. Or you can buy a new AirPlay-compatible one.

  • How do I AirPlay from an iPhone to a Samsung TV?

    To AirPlay from an iPhone to one of Samsung's QLED sets, which support AirPlay built-in, go to your TV's Settings > General > AirPlay Settings and make sure AirPlay is turned on. On your iPhone, open the content you want to AirPlay and tap the AirPlay button (tap the sharing or casting button if you don't see AirPlay, then choose AirPlay from the sharing options). Select your Samsung TV, then enter the four-digit code displayed on your TV, if prompted.

  • How do I AirPlay from an iPhone to an Apple TV?

    Make sure your Apple TV and iPhone are on the same Wi-Fi network, then find the content you want to AirPlay and tap the AirPlay button. Select your Apple TV from the list of compatible devices and enjoy your content on the Apple TV.

  • How do I AirPlay from an iPhone to a Roku TV?

    Make sure your iPhone and Roku device are on the same Wi-Fi network and make sure your Roku device is compatible with AirPlay. Find the content you want to AirPlay, then tap the AirPlay button and select your Roku device. Alternatively, tap Screen Mirroring in your iPhone's Control Center to cast your screen's contents to your Roku.

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