Airbnb Unleashes Bizarre 'Anti-Party Technology' on Unsuspecting Party People

Fight for your right… to party?

Parties are great fun for participants, though not quite as fun for hosts, and this is exponentially true for Airbnb hosts who are at risk for serious property damage, among other concerns. 

Airbnb has had enough of all this blatant revelry, and they just announced "anti-party technology" to stop it. That's right. Throwing reckless parties at your latest Airbnb pad is about to be a thing of the past. In other words, you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.

A group of people taking a selfie in a vacation rental.

Thomas Barwick / Getty Images

Here's how the tech works. Airbnb has integrated a number of algorithms into the booking platform. These algorithms identify "high-risk reservations" by looking at review histories, the distance to the listing, weekend stays, length of time on the platform, and many other factors. 

If a reservation pulls up a red flag, it may disallow the guest to book a whole home, though it will still allow a stay in a private room where the homeowner is more likely to be present. 

This technology has been in place in Australia as a beta pilot program since October. The company says it has seen a 35 percent drop in "unauthorized parties" and related incidents. 

"We anticipate that this new system will help prevent more bad actors on our platform while having less of a blunt impact on guests who are not trying to throw a party," Airbnb wrote in a blog post. 

The move is part of a larger total ban on parties throughout the platform.

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