AIM TXT Brings IM to Your Mobile Phone's Text Messaging

Free AIM Service Uses Text Messages for IM

While many AIM users already know how to send free text messages with AIM desktop IM client, some cell phone users are unaware they can also send and receive IMs through AIM by using their text messaging service.

For AIM users without access to mobile web on their cell phone or who cannot otherwise use AIM Mobile, the ​AIM TXT service is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family through AIM while using your mobile phone.

Read on to learn how to start accessing AIM TXT right from your text messages.

Login to AIM TXT

To begin using AIM TXT, send a text "AIM" to 246246 on your mobile phone. AIM will respond with a menu of commands you can text to 246246 to use AIM to send a message:

  • login <sn> <pass>
    • <sn> is your AIM screen name.
    • <pass> is your AIM account password
    • Signs you into your AIM account.
  • status <msg>
    • Updates your AIM status message.
  • send <sn> <msg>
    • Sends a message to another user with the screen name you enter. For example, send jonny1 hi jon, I am back.
  • h help

Alternately, you can send the number (or letter "h" for help) in place of a command word. For example, you can send the above message by typing 1 jonny1 hi jon, I am back.

Change AIM Visibility

Use these commands to change your visibility on the AIM system.

  • avail - Sets AIM to appear online.
  • away - Sets AIM to appear away and unavailable to talk.
  • invis - Sets AIM to invisible.

AIM TXT Commands

After you have logged in to AIM TXT, you can text these commands (or the corresponding number) below to 246246 to interact with your AIM account:

  • logout - Logs your Screen name out of AIM TXT.
  • status - Updates your AIM Status Message. Send the words "status" plus your status message update.
  • send - Sends an IM. Send the words "send" plus your AIM Buddy's Screen Name, plus your message.
  • bl - Displays Online Buddies
  • switchsn - Login with another Screen Name
  • help - Lists AIM TXT Commands

Add/Delete Buddy Commands

  • add - Adds Buddy to your Buddy List
  • del - Deletes Buddy from your Buddy List

Note: AIM TXT is available in the U.S. only. It may not be available on all carriers and cell phones. Cell phone users may incur wireless internet, texting or other charges by using AIM TXT. Check with your service carrier and phone manual for details.